1. That’s a full-on Mozart Requiem riff. Dig.

  2. I’m not sure. I bought premium tix and they were about $100 each. My guess is $50ish.

  3. From what I can tell, the Salt Shed show is sold out (hard to believe tho!). There are other shows on their website that went on sale Thurs and they still show tickets available.

  4. GA tix on reseller sites aren’t ludicrously priced in case you gotta get your Tove fix.

  5. I showed up @ 8:30, found some locals in line, made fast friends, and made it into 2 tents throughout the day. Loads of fun!

  6. lining up to get into the grounds @ 8:30am (once it opened people were 🏃‍♂️ to get free tent spots)

  7. my 1st Oktoberfest exceeded expectations - great beer, new friends

  8. Paulaner tent was closed by 2:30…at 5:30 going strong!

  9. I’ve heard 7am is the time. Sounds crazy. I’m going to try tomorrow (Saturday) so I can let you know what works.

  10. Saturday definitely 7am but I hope that Sunday is a bit more benign

  11. Talked to some guys that come every year and they said 10am was fine for most tents.

  12. I’ve got me + 2 lovely ladies planning for tomorrow. If anyone finds a spot, let us know!

  13. Here’s the discord link for Friday’s Chicago RiotFest tix:

  14. Why “sand art” when this was obviously done on a dusty wall? You can’t stack sand vertically like that, unless it’s an etch-a-sketch.

  15. Meet me @ the altar - so damn tight! They were great @ BMI.

  16. Hot Milk FTW! Such a killer set. Lead singer was such a rock star.

  17. I thought last year they had an “upgrade” booth so you could pimp out 1 day of the fest for an extra fee. For my part, after going GA+ you can never go back.

  18. I wish they'd put the Toyota stage on the schedule, didn't see it anywhere and those were the some of the best shows I saw. My first fest in years and my first lolla, only went sunday. I got to see Dylan and Low Cut Connie in a super intimate setting, I got to mosh at ATLiens, I got the huge audience crowd energy experience with P4P and Green Day. It was amazing.

  19. I kinda like the “hidden gem” that is Toyota. Not that hard to walk by early and see who’s playing that day and have a super close-up experience. Most of the artists love that stage, too since it’s the closest they get to fans at the fest.

  20. I skipped Green Day to see these guys and had the time of my life.

  21. For 2 main stages there are massive, stage-height screens broadcasting at all times. Easy to see from very back of crowd and pretty well synced with sound. I think only 1 other stage had screens (Coinstar on south end), and it was never well-synced from what I could see, so the visuals were always a couple secs off the sound, which is highly annoying to watch for extended periods. But really if you wanted to see a band up-close you could get there physically for almost all acts not on main stages.

  22. I think the mix and production are really what’s holding this track back. I would probably just start from the ground up with the production on this one personally. I think a lot of the synths are way too stock sounding, they could all be swapped or heavily effected by some sound design. The vocal mix could also use a rework.

  23. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll keep working on it! Mixing is tougher than it seems - and sadly not a lot of places to learn how to do the basics that I’ve found online. Appreciate any links you’d recommend.

  24. hard to judge cause i don't know undeground scene so much

  25. Thanks for taking the time to comment! I guess I was going for specific! ;)

  26. Guitar work is great here. Beat keeps it together without overtaking the rest of the mix. Vocals are well-mixed and love the harmonics layered in both vocally and instrumentally. I found myself wanting to hear more - that’s a great sign. Nice jam here!

  27. Emotional. The perfect merge of tune and video for this project. I’m not an aficionado of middle eastern music, but I think the mix sounds great. Bass-best forward with instruments and vox layered in well. Appreciate you sharing with us.

  28. Honestly I wasn’t sure I was going to like this. The “recorded on iPhone” thing can produce some crap results. You coaxed a lot out of this one! To think those harmonies are just layers of your one live voice…impressive. Obviously production value could elevate this considerably, but I’m a fan of doing great things with limited resources. Nice one!

  29. Totally dig. Love the guitar crunch. The harmonies take the vox to the next level. Beat and chord structure feel nostalgic. [Obligatory weezer comparison.] All-in-all I’m intrigued and would listen to the album this came from.

  30. I love the vocals and overall production here. Samples are well-placed and mixed. The beat gives it a pretty anxious vibe - I wonder how this would sound as a slow jam. Love to hear that mix. Great tune!

  31. I think I looked 3x at the same guy in all 3 instruments. And all are incredible in their own lane. Nice one! Take it further and kick this one into a full-fledged tune with your 4th same dude vocalist.

  32. Appreciate any and all feedback on this one. I’ll return the offer and give you thoughts on any track you want!

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