1. Turkey and the Wolf in New Orleans has the best fried bologna sandwich I've had. Mason Hereford has a James Beard award and it shows.

  2. A Noble Pig on their house made bacon bread was amazing.

  3. I was a big fan of their duck pastrami rueben.

  4. I hit it off really well with a customer who was a pastor but had a side gig as a race track announcer. He gave me VIP tickets to the drag strip that Saturday after I mentioned to him that I had Saturday off and had no idea what to do with myself. I took my dad and he had a great time. That was a formative night in me and my father's relationship as he was not there for most of my youth.

  5. I love that! How is your dad doing now? Do you know if the pastor still has his announcer job?

  6. Dad's great but haven't talked to the pastor in 15-20 years. He was elderly at the time so I would assume not.

  7. Yeah that's fair. I saw Fishbone (with The English Beat) back when I was in high school sometime around 2010-ish

  8. I have video of both those bands on that tour in Austin, TX at the old Emo's before they moved. My favorite time seeing Fishbone was at the third Lolapalooza in Philly (when it was still a tour) and having Angelo Moore climb the stage scaffolding between sets while Fishbone was setting up and giving a 20 minute spoken word dissertation on the word "shit."

  9. Massive plagarist. He's got a big reputation for ripping off lesser known artists and not giving a shit. He's done it more times than I can count on one hand. He makes more money off those tracks than he pays in fees after the OG artists sue him. here's an example I found on reddit after searching for

  10. Sounds like crossover to me. Thrash with heavy hardcore influence or the other way around. It kicks ass no matter how people try to classify it.

  11. Got my car towed illegally. I stole it back lol the dummies had the company phone number as the combination for the lock to the gate. They texted me crazy threats and never heard from them again

  12. I would use the chingadera. You know, that metal stick you use to poke out the drain hole on the fryer when you clean it.

  13. Stop voting against your own interests. The vote swing between June 16 and now was 30 Republicans. All of the original Democrats voted for the bill.

  14. "All of the original Democrats voted for the bill." The last name on the list is Chuck Schumer. Apparently, he changed his vote in able to enable a future vote on the same bill according to Senate rules.

  15. I just turned 51 yesterday and listen to more metal now than I did when I was "supposed" to be listening to it. The older I get, the more technical I like my music. I don't think I'll ever stop going to shows.

  16. You aren't being downloaded because of your math, you're being downvoted because you're being an asshole.

  17. I was super pissed when their (Jersey Giant) location near me (NW) closed at the beginning of the pandemic.

  18. I want to love Bufalina Due. But every pizza I’ve had there was undercooked in the center.

  19. Every single time. I've stopped going there because of this.

  20. I think he should fliparooni his hairpiece.

  21. Same shit at Smallish Steel Product Manufacturer where I used to work. Big retirement parties are still the norm and there's a big luncheon a few times a year, but gone are the days of 100% employer paid healthcare, profit sharing, kick ass vacation policies, 100% disability, group insurance buying for home/auto, and a bunch of other small benefits. No one wants to do manual labor next to a furnace in 100F weather for $20/h when there are air conditioned warehouses in our area paying that, and they refuse to drop marijuana from the drug test (medically legal in my state).

  22. I had the opportunity to talk to a VP of HR level employee of a major corporation recently and asked about the marijuana thing. I was told " it's not a company policy thing, it's an insurance issue. Insurance companies don't like to pay out workers comp claims for someone who pops positive for a substance that can affect judgment or be physically impairing. There's no current affordable way to tell the difference between a person who smokes at home after work on their couch and someone who takes vape hits on the sly in the bathroom at work."

  23. But there is. Many states define driving under the influence of marijuana as >5ng/ml THC blood concentration. Cursory googling is telling me that you'll be below that level 2-4 hours after smoking a joint and experience tells me you are definitely not high at this point.

  24. You and I both know this and how it's easily provable from verifiable and credible sources. But the game of pass the buck is at play here.

  25. DO NOT DO IT. I bought the season pass on xbox and Take2 doesn't recognize the fact that I bought it. When the first DLC was released I was getting "you don't own this content" messages. So I contacted support and it took them two weeks to let me play the first one after jumping through multiple hoops trying to prove that I owned it. Second DLC comes out and I get the same messages. I still can't play that one and now Take2 is ignoring me because they can't fix their own problem and seem to be ok with taking my money and not providing me with the product I have paid for.

  26. 8 for me just because I'm curious about an Arizona GSM.

  27. That's the lead singer of Tool's winery. Don't think that it's going to be a shitty celebrity wine. He personally takes the lead in growing the grapes and vinting the wine. He takes it very seriously. I got to see him on a publicity tour for his wineries and his publicist came in the room right before he got there and said that the first time he is asked about his band, he will get up and walk out. He's here as a vineyard owner-operator and not as a musician. When he got there, he was very down to earth and knew his stuff like the back of his hand. Down to the chemical makeup/pH balance of his soil content. He definitely knows his stuff and it isn't a pet project of his until he gets bored of it. He did say that this is his career that was enabled by the success of his hobby.

  28. I recognize this wine list. Is there a Cru in Denver? Didn’t realize they were National…

  29. Denver, Atlanta, and Lexington, KY outside of Texas.

  30. If you have culinary experience, please go apply there. I manage Happy Chicks next door and Yeni tells me that she has trouble finding people to work with her. At the time I last talked to her, she was working solo with no help or backup and was considering closing because of it. Her trailer rocks and it would be a shame for Austin to lose her. She's super sweet and you will learn a TON by working there.

  31. Some of us also know that cutting around the top tends to make the wine drip down the bottle quite a bit more when pouring. It's not snobbery, it's training in a service environment and experience.

  32. Food-service businesses that use Costco tend to be places that don't have set-in-stone ordering systems and standard menus. Places like smaller caterers, pop up restaurants, or places doing unique one-off events that are not on their regular menu. And they tend to be things that are either raw ingredients or manufactured components of finished dishes. Think sliced prosciutto, iberico ham and different cheeses for a charcuterie display/plates. Or a crapload of cornflakes for making pie crusts.

  33. I used to manage a Tony C's and we would sell dough all the time. We'd even roll it out for you too if requested.

  34. Man I had a Terrible experience at new awlins last week. Seemed like the 2 guys working the dining room were barred out or something, not to mention how disgusting the dining room is. The fried shrimp were okay, the fried crawfish were the poopiest crawfish I’d ever seen.

  35. Weird. I've had nothing but good experiences there but have heard horror stories about the service.

  36. Also the macaroni stuck between the cheese and the sausage on the round side are most likely undercooked.😅

  37. I was mentally telling them to just lift the fucking sausage up to let liquid in there to cook the macaroni. They did not acknowledge my instructions.

  38. The salt to pepper ratio in all cooking videos frustrates the shit out of me. There should ALWAYS be more pepper than salt. You can get salt from so many different ways.

  39. ALWAYS more pepper than salt? Absolutely not.

  40. I haven't had that, but I've highly enjoyed their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the past.

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