1. Norway, it was expensive and they're all emotionless as fuck.

  2. My family is Norwegian. Yeah they come across as no craic, but they’re just extremely quiet and self sufficient. Scandis are typically known to be logical and pragmatic with a dry sense of humour, where Irish people are super emotional and expressive. I promise you they aren’t emotionless, they are just shy and don’t interact with ppl they don’t know. Its an isolated country physically. However, its actually a very egalitarian country where they are respecting other peoples space-literally and figuratively.

  3. Fair enough. Irish people have their own issues also. I hope I didn't sound too harsh! 😊

  4. Thank you. It was placed there only a limited time but it was really cool. Got vandalised at one point sadly. It was to commemorate WW1 and the armistice.

  5. Pretty interesting question. While I've had limited and unexpected successes casual sex and dating wise as a straight dude, I've found that I've attracted sexual interest way easier and quicker with gay guys than straight women.

  6. So it’s easier to hook up/find a partner as a short gay man then a short straight guy.

  7. I'm not gay so I can only say yes possibly. But having spoken to gay friends about it, it would seem to be the case.

  8. There is not really much you can do about people using phones. As far as lateness is concerned I think most cinemas stop letting people into the cinema beyond 15 minutes after the official start time. It's the case with IFI anyway. Where noise in concerned I usually find it is dealt with pretty quickly because other patrons team up against noise makers until they pipe down.

  9. My morning 63 never arrived, the bus after my usual one was over 10 minutes late.

  10. I got hold of one same day. You need to link up the account you get paid in if its not revolut. The salary you declare obvious needs to match up with what's being lodged into your account every month.

  11. They've also nearly elected a far right leader twice in a row.

  12. Don't go to Zaytoon anymore then. Go and get a chicken shit kebab meal from one of the many places on the island for cheaper. Zaytoon is one of the second to none places where the price is well justified just not 24/7/365 imo.

  13. US Govt. "I know we're systematically destroying their culture and all but please could we get some recordings?"

  14. That thought came into my mind for sure. You wonder if the chief had the chance to say his word back in the day when agreeing to come. And with how much respect he was treated. How was he compensated?

  15. Does anyone ever wonder if there were a super large population of American Indians, would there be a lot more balder eagles flying around

  16. You mean Native Americans I guess 😊 there would be a larger population of native peoples in many areas. But colonising populations had others plans. History bro you know how it is.

  17. We're visiting can you tell us all the hidden places nobody goes to?

  18. Hello I'm from Japan. I have heard there is militias patrolling the streets of Dublin targeting Japanese people specifically. Is this true??

  19. Nearly 5000 upvotes for this shit. Not even weird

  20. Agree, went bowling for the first time in ages last month in the leisureplex and had such craic. Would love if there was more bowling alleys around.

  21. Leisureplex stillorgan where I wasted many happy childhood days was demolished recently for apartments. An unknown person left a bouquet of flowers and goodbye card attached to the construction site barriers. Land developers don't give a hoot about those left behind but the loss of these places are felt strongly.

  22. My kid's used to go the play centre there since they were babies and they cried and cried and was so devastated when they found out the news that it was being demolished.

  23. I'm 30 now, when I first started going there I was small so the play area they had was the place to be. For the birthdays they had their birthday song and staff member used to come out in a dinosaur costume with the cake etc. I feel old.

  24. As usual we are only realizing the need for change at the last minute it seems . Changes to licensing announced after the historic decimation and continued decimation of Dublin nightlife.

  25. Yeah, scumbags focusing on public transport has been a thing for decades. I think it was Intermission that had a Dublin kid obsessed with throwing rocks at buses. That was released around 20 years ago

  26. There was one that went viral not long ago where a lass got kicked in the face. Sent her falling down onto the tracks under a train. Miraculously the dart was stationary at the time and it was stalled before more damage could be done.

  27. Gilberto Gil was meant to play a gig in Dublin but sadly it got postponed during peak covid. Hope it is eventually rescheduled.

  28. You find some brains on reddit. Great contribution. Cheers 👍

  29. Definitely remember them on Grafton street. The kid sang a lot like a 10 year old version of Luke Kelly.

  30. I wouldn’t say it’s not part of Ireland’s culture. 1 out of 3 households in Ireland is rented and thats increasing. Having a mortgage is a noose around your neck. Plus buying now is probably not the best decision from an investment standpoint.

  31. I mean more so what you said about renting culture in Europe. My dad in his 70s said something a good bit of time ago that echoed what you're saying. France and Germany for example buying uncommon. Renting 10+ years common. In Ireland we don't have that except maybe isolated cases. I'm determined not to be living with family or randomers at 40+ although life always others plans. One can dream though.

  32. I would love if social and public housing became more of the norm here, as it is in other countries where there are nearly no T&Cs on renting a social home.

  33. I will certainly give it further thought and maybe a try. I'll most probably be seen as '' taking a step down '' though. Although I guess people from opposite backgrounds also have fingers pointed at them when they aspire for '' better ''. As someone said in this thread as a single dude earning a little over minimum wage I'm going to struggle to secure a council place I'd say.

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