1. this is giving me heebie jeebies

  2. 😂 Are you watching it? Normally not my type of series at all but really impressive so far.

  3. You find the characters boring and 1D is it? 😊

  4. Cool but also too much. The only fridge I buy will be a fridge that minds its own business.

  5. There's a beach on the Falklands that only penguins can go on because it was mined during the war and they aren't heavy enough to set the mines off. It's helped the penguin population rebound there.

  6. Go to Graveface Museum in Savannah! They have a whole section that has his art.

  7. Yeah i forgot the weird painting skills. Like Bush 2 who apparently loves to paint and also an Austrian politician who was a pretty prolific painter back in his day. Whether these people actually have skills is another story.

  8. I'm having a recent issue with my Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones.

  9. I caught my best mate cheating on his fiancee while we were out celebrating the engagement, I told him if he didn't come clean I'd rock up and give her the whole story.

  10. I'd run a mile if it was even suggested to me tbh, which it won't.

  11. Get yourself some acid. Adventure without leaving the gaff.

  12. There's probs shitloads of people who do that and they think they're the only ones and feel shite over it. You'll probs make a lot of people ( myself included) feek better about themselves 😂

  13. The app is horrendous so many different things wrong with it. Mad that Vodafone doesn't have a functioning app considering the money they pump from customers every year. I usually have to use the website on incognito mode for best results.

  14. OP note : The female anthropologist involved must be given credit. My apologies for leaving it out. Her name is Madhumala Chattopadhyay. She has since been critical of any attempts to contact the tribe and asserts their right to be left alone.

  15. Any Mazzy Star / Hope Sandoval fans? I'm an adventurer btw

  16. '' You don't look very happy '' I'm fine. I just don't feel the need to have a smile on my face from dawn to dusk. I want to be alone sometimes without having to justify myself.

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