1. Not a pupa yet but looks like a caterpillar of one of

  2. I also thought they were soldier fly larvae but wondered why are they all over the house? The owner said he'd never seen a fly in here besides fruit flies

  3. They sometimes can be found on dead critters or abandoned Bee nests, things that might be under the house or in walls.

  4. Thanks for the fast reply! That was absolutely what I didn’t want to hear. I guess we’ll tread with caution from now on. Is it possible it was a solo flyer or should I expect a nest somewhere near?

  5. If you don't see them often, then it was likely just a lone visitor.

  6. Definitely NOT a Kissing Bug, looks like one of

  7. It does look like that. Aren't Assassin Bugs kissing bugs though?

  8. All Kissing Bugs are Assassin Bugs, but not all Assassin Bugs are Kissing Bugs.

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