1. Looks like our familiar old friend the

  2. Thank you so much! I see the resemblance. Do you know why mine would be so much greener? Surroundings?

  3. Not sure if I see any green on your bug but they do come in many shades of

  4. Thank you for replying and including a link. The Y marking definitely matches up. This was way smaller than any cellar spider I have seen and its legs are much shorter in proportion to its body. Do they have shorter legs and transparent bodies as juveniles?

  5. Some species are smaller and it could also be juvenile. Not sure about the transparency, from looking at the sides of the abdomen it looks like it should have hairs/patterns but they got rubbed off. Females can also have (relatively) shorter legs than males as seen

  6. Check your dried goods (including pet food/seed) for the webby mess that their larvae leave behind and dispose of any infested items.

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