1. Even without accounting for Mishra, this card is great. I love it so much.

  2. This entire lot is going to be worth it to have more people experience Lair of the White Worm.

  3. Not sure I have any wants when it comes to new pauper cards (outside of a downshifted Relic Barrier which would fit the theme of the set) - all I really want to see is a new Sylex that still targets cards from a set/block. Give us the classic set hoser like [[Golgothian Sylex]]

  4. Don't you mean Charles Xavier ;)

  5. Moon Knight has no right being higher than anything else in this phase - it was pretty much garbage (script, editing, action) that is only redeemed in a few screen caps that look nice and good casting/acting.

  6. The removal of mana-burn is still something that I feel was a huge mistake.

  7. I'll wait and see which other streaming service offers a dongle, as I do not want to buy a full console to stream or use another device to push the stream to my TV (which isn't a smart TV and I have zero reason to ditch it for a newer model). Whatever lets me pick up a controller, hit a button and get into the menu immediately with no other steps is what will draw me. I was spoiled with the ease of Stadia and don't want to step backwards in such ease.

  8. To be fair this was neither weird nor unique at the time, mostly more of the same 'sexy-bad-woman' design we saw often in many games/comics (and even then it was nothing new compared to the bad-girl pinups that was prominent in the decades before).

  9. The Vanguard art was pretty bad and it was the single one I was most disappointed by at the time. I liked the actual table and torture setup, but her outfit was typical 90s evil-woman-in-a-fantasy-setting trope (and not doing anything new to elevate it or excuse it.)

  10. TFSA is down -11.3% overall, stocks are down -55% YTD.

  11. Series S consoles are the best devices for xcloud. And you can get Ultimate for $1.5 per month if you are willing to pay up front.

  12. I don't want to have another console taking up space unfortunately.

  13. Unless your TV does native Stadia or xcloud, any way to do this will involve a device plugged in, big or small though.

  14. yeah I was afraid of that, which is why I want to limit it to just a dongle (like my current Chromcast). Works so well and it's a shame the tech itself is going away as it was amazing...damn Google dropping the ball with this.

  15. Besides the entire ending of Mark? :D

  16. Yikes that art is certainly a choice.

  17. Sixknight, as it's nice to get any actual characterization for bots in the cartoon. He started off as a brash, over confident fighter who just wanted to be the best and so picked fights simply in his own self interest (only ever believing what matters is who can win a fight. That trumps all!) - but in the end he ended up sacrificing himself in a fight he knew he could not win simply to let both his friends and foes have a few seconds to regroup.

  18. I'm not a Bible scholar, but I've heard the bible has instructions for inducing labor/miscarriage. Anyone out there able to confirm that and maybe know the verse(s)?

  19. This is a very common thing for many to bring out in response to abortion and the bible, but I highly urge people to stop using it literally. Biblical scholars are not certain what the 'trial' in Numbers actually means for certain, and with a careful reading you will see that the bitter water doesn't cause an abortion but rather invokes a CURSE between the woman and god.

  20. I had thought there were other quotes from the Bible in support of, or at least mentioning abortion, I wasn't familiar with the "bitter water curse" until a previous commenter noted it.

  21. That recommended book will give you exactly what you are looking for, and clarify exactly what is, and what isn't, said in the bible (the book does not take sides or promote anything - they simply wanted to dispel any misunderstanding on what actual biblical scholars find in the book)

  22. Don't bother with DIY fixes at home (cat litter, baking soda etc) when you have very tough smells to deal with and just invest in a bag of Book Deodorizer granules.

  23. I am very disappointed they didn't take this opportunity to make a SOL RING reference, especially considering the amount of 'mana' it adds when tapped. It's right there...they are the SOL performer in the RING!

  24. I would say Andrew Dice Clay, did he ever actually write a joke with a punchline? As I recall it was all just 'minorities suck' garbage and then acting like a 50s greaser (without any point to it)

  25. Screw depicting this literally, I'm going to use my art history experience and draw something so abstract that any calls for a judge will result in an elaborate long winded analysis of the artists intentions - you think a judge can argue such subjective nature?

  26. [[Icy manipulator]] and/or [[Glowrider]] are up there for me.

  27. I don't see us ever getting Icy, but I keep advocating for [[Relic Barrier]] which is like its little baby brother.

  28. Every time these threads come up I will keep advocating for [[Relic Barrier]]

  29. I really like her voice. I hope she vacillates between comforting and horrifying the way Bradley did.

  30. They have shown it to be in multiple modes before, such as a knife in Hellbound, but the idea of six specific configurations might be new (in the books though the configuration could be disassembled and reassembled, not just shift into different shapes)

  31. They certainly got the look of the cenobites down perfectly - it takes care not to fumble a design shift away from an iconic look (though thankfully they nailed the more book accurate look).

  32. One of the best modern comic creators, she has been putting out some amazing work and I can't wait to read this one.

  33. I'm fine with them, at least for now.

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