The headache I've been having for the last 6 months turns out to be a brain tumour

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  1. I was at t2 on the weekend. Massive lines outside for check in and bag drop. Barely moving. This was about 4:15am

  2. I only had a carry on so I was lucky. Not sure about the lines inside, someone else would be better to answer that. Security upstairs in T2 though was quick, maybe 40 mins

  3. Even Thatcher didn’t survive her chancellor resigning. You’re right, he might go tonight

  4. Look great. Hoping they allow contactless payments and the leap card is phased out soon.

  5. Well yeah they can to be fair. Basically nobody doesn’t have a card these days so that’s why I was thinking what’s the need for both

  6. It's based on supporting people who choose do that, as it's pretty hard but benefits everyone else a lot. Having a family is pretty selfless, raising children is a hell of a lot more work than the alternative, and 2-parent families tend overall to give kids the best chance in life.

  7. So is not having a family selfish then?

  8. Not doing a selfless thing isn't the same as actively doing a selfish thing.

  9. So what you’re saying is then is that people who don’t want kids because they want to enjoy life is selfish?

  10. I can never get into any fraternity’s or sororities. How do you do it

  11. That’s outside an Irish cancer society charity shop. The owner of the electric scooter was probably inside buying something.

  12. Mine increased from €28 to €32 but double the price is extortionate.

  13. Maybe the 27 to Marino, walk to clontarf DART station and get the DART from there?

  14. I just looked it up for tomorrow on the Irish Rail app and I just used tomorrow as an example. Says there’s a DART at 6:28 from Clontarf which gets to malahide at 6:52.

  15. Question for those medical professionals in this thread. Would the surgery to remove this be one of those where the patient is kept awake and being stimulated (such as playing the guitar or other methods) so that the surgeon can tell if they accidentally hit the wrong area?

  16. Is he in just a backstage role these days?

  17. Lie down on the floor in the toilet, turn on his side and piss on the floor

  18. About 45 min to an hour depending on traffic if I drive in. Like 1.5 hours if I get the bus

  19. One thing I’ve not seen clearly advertised is a sexual health clinic, are they around? If they are, are they free? Can you rock up there and look at all the other dirty feckers in the waiting room wondering what they caught?

  20. There’s a good few around. Some are free. Some are not

  21. 1 million people watched a Dynamite that had to be changed at pretty much the last minute due to so many of the wrestlers having injuries or covid

  22. Seems to be?. Tbh this seems normal compared to the bullshit we have seen a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully I booked the fast track option to bypass all of that queue (in video) over a month ago and I didn't regret it either.

  23. Yeah this video seems normal. I’m chancing normal security. Pray for me

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