1. I’ll always respect the JC’s bag. Sorely missed

  2. Dunnes bought it so the building is still there and the sign outside is still JC’s and all but it’s a dunnes

  3. I’ve a group of athletes putting on a physical performance while telling a story. It’s more like ballet than anything else.

  4. And once you understand that that’s what it is, you’ll be even more hooked on it

  5. I was actually about to post about this on

  6. Totally agree, if they had a thing like shannon where you can go inside get in the lift go up to floor three and view from there, it would be huge.

  7. Even just to take down the panels on the fences on the northern side so there is actually more of a view

  8. You need to show it to leave Ireland but when you enter England they don’t ask for it

  9. Depends on the airport. Most I've landed in don't but when I lived in Leeds, flights from Dublin would arrive into the UK section of Leeds Bradford airport but we were then brought into a section for flights from Dublin and our passports were checked. Used to infurate me. The first flight on a Monday morning should have just about got me into work except that passport queue meant I always missed the bus I needed to get so had to fork out for a taxi.

  10. Never knew that. I’ve been to London a good few times (landed at stanstead, Heathrow and Gatwick) and never had my passport checked on arrival

  11. I go sit either by the sea or somewhere overlooking the city normally

  12. You might be absolutely right, I'll check tomorrow. Could be a classic situation of "can't read" syndrome.

  13. As much as I hate to admit, a non violent protest like this will accomplish nothing

  14. Raising the retirement age needs to happen

  15. I try do a small few weekends away a year. Did 3 last year. Have my first planned for the end of this month for this year

  16. I stayed here two weeks ago with a friend visiting Dublin. It’s a great location a few mins walk from the luas track & town is also walkable.

  17. How big was the room? Easy hotels are known for being notoriously small

  18. My room was quite large because they accidentally assigned me a disability access room so I’m not sure what size the regular rooms are. But the one I got was very spacious. Had a window overlooking the luas track and definitely had enough space to add a huge desk & wardrobe even though there were none there.

  19. Was the one in London comfortable enough or too small? I was actually looking to stay in one in London

  20. At this point, I wouldn’t mind living somewhere with any public transport

  21. Things like this is why some people don’t like the sport. Making a wrong decision after the race when they had 35 laps to make it and then overturning that decision 4 hours later is insane

  22. Luas to O’Connell street then get either the 16 bus or the 41 bus

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