1. Any Bruce Lee fan: «You've insulted my entire race of people, but yes»

  2. You are doing it too fast. Try to wait for a bit longer before pressing 3 in snk (don't remember the exact timing, sorry)

  3. That’s good, congrats you’re not part of the problem. What platform and region? Wanna play bro

  4. PC, Russia, having crisis in life due to all the shit that is happening now so stopped playing tekken. Thanks for the offer)

  5. Fuck Bryan. Any one is better than him

  6. If they would've posted the date then yes, but they didn't which means they are still working on it. Namco can still fix everything. People just expected too much. It was hole day of salt for fuck sake

  7. I wouldn't say Tekken is dead, but I'll agree that Paul and Law's designs are too much. They're broke martial artists, not zombie apocalypse survivors.

  8. Law looks hells cool from a Law main perspective. Plus his flex references Bruse Lee flex which can be seen in some of his moves

  9. Okay, no problem, as long as there will be some memes about it)

  10. He looks like he’ll be taken as a serious character like in Tekken 1&2, instead of comedic! 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  11. You seen how young the Character is ? It's probably Forest

  12. «BuT bRyAn Is DiFfIcUlT aNd HaS nO dF1» For Fuck sake, stop finding excuses for him. If any other character had the same amount of CH and same safety, Bryan mains will be among the first ones to complain

  13. Finally, someone who can see things as they are

  14. Majority of them are acting like they are better than any one else in this game due to playing "The Hardest Character in the Game" If they win, its justified to ki charge. If not, you just play Unga-Bunga and do not deserve victory.

  15. Don't block the name. Hoe them out since they wanna act like a bitch . .

  16. Its against the rules of this sub. My post was deleted ones due to not censoring the name

  17. I wish all RD be deleted(they are brain dead) and RD supporters get gud(stop using it every time you get rage)

  18. you really would love to not get launched by Steve's RD after a panic d1,4, huh?

  19. Nice joke, maybe some low/mid level Law would love it to happen but I'm not. d2,3(and not d1,4 this move doesn't exist. D1,3 is a completely different move) must be punished cause using it is a bad habit (had to unlearn it myself) and its purpose is high risk high reward panic tool if people do strings against you. Better use parry instead (but you have to learn dss to get something out of it)

  20. Law’s punch parry is high only I believe so neutral df2 is probably pretty good, brush up on the combo conversion.

  21. Law's punch parry parries highs and mid punches from frame 3 to 72 if I'm not mistaken(frame window)

  22. TBH its really annoying for a law to play against keep out due to not having good approaching tools like kings ff1. So can relate to his frustration, however I understand that Law's weak approach is part of his identity as a character. He should've asked for advices instead of being salty (At least that's what I try to do)

  23. He was mashing buttons pretty much, doing full strings, and unsafe moves. Typical Law meme player that's going to explode if he doesn't press a button for a second. I like the Law match up, so I knew how to punish and what low strings to parry. So, the only thing I had to do, was to wait.

  24. He got a grasp of high level play and he didn't like it)

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