1. The one redeeming quality of a failed synthetic long is when your cb is almost zero, your % p/l will display something like -20,000%, which makes the actual $ loss not feel so bad by comparison.

  2. I dont work with a % based p/l's theyre nonsense. Abd yes i ended losing about 1k on that position. But im happy i closed it. After market it went to 10.

  3. i hear TLSA is also a good stock!

  4. Yes i had this happen once in 15 years. And no youll never know why.

  5. A calander (spread) is a long call with longer duration vs a short call with a shorter duration. (Or same with puts)

  6. No the ideais to take advantage if different deltas.

  7. We live on a sphere. Everything is "east of something". Historically, from an occidental point of view, oriental means Asian.

  8. Yes armenia is asia. Tell your mom Jerusalem is in asia aswell!

  9. So he’s just dumb? Increasing demand is the last thing you want to do when your problem that you’re trying to solve is inflation….

  10. confidence and demand are not the same thing

  11. No, it wasn't and the United States is a considerably larger country. Also, if the country is so bad, why does the rest of the world risk life and limb to come here? Nobody does the same thing to leave America, and you're free to leave at any time.

  12. Lol brainwashed... I wouldn't want to live on the states if you payed me...

  13. Yep a country of over 300 million people has bad things happen. Ya know, the French have issues with Islamic extremists shooting dozens of people at a time too. Would you like to discuss that, or do believe that only bad things happen in the United States?

  14. That event was a one time terrorist attack over 10 years ago...

  15. Its doesnt act as a covered call. A covered call acts similarly to a short put.

  16. Only if you sell the underlying. You can sell covered calls forever

  17. Under your cost basis yes.... Trust me... Theres downside risk in the cc strategy.

  18. I am sure Dutch use credit cards to pay for flights abroad, hotels and rented cars so why no geoceries?

  19. Because they already have debit cards.

  20. A drop down back to 8 could bankrupt this man. Its to early to call yet

  21. 15% is terrible the last 3 years. The market out performed you.

  22. This is not breakfast its candy!

  23. Nope - these are all medium/long-term term and can potentially take the stock market to all time highs

  24. New all time highs? We wont see those for at least a year!

  25. Interesting i always notice a considerable drop on mondays even though the price over weekend was flat.

  26. its usually in line with 1 day theta decay.

  27. Another poster commented “weekend risk” being priced in somehow by mm

  28. Yes or price action, its hard to differentiate. Theoretical pricong models almost all calculate with 252 trading days in a year and ignore weekends.

  29. As a person in SF with psoriasis, I'm not looking forward to the next few years.

  30. Please ignore the fact that the I looks suspiciously like an R on the sign at the entrance

  31. Thanks for the reply, seems it is common but not common for landlord to charge me for it. Least I know it's not a made up bill and actually they just done me dirty a little on the contract

  32. the ownership part should be payed by the owner, the tenant part by the tenant. call your local municipality to find out the figures for your personal situation.

  33. I already paid my local part...landlord tried charging me for both which I argued...he contacted municipality and they confirmed I'd paid my part but the owner bit was outstanding, to which he pointed to contract where it says tenant is due to pay these kind of bills back to landlord, so they invoiced me for it..

  34. Its stable, moves in a predictable pattern and has quite high iv. its ideal for option writing. but i much prefer visa (i have visa too) because visa i would like to own. i write put credit spreads on both regularly.

  35. I actually went to the market 4 days ago and forgot to get the stick!! I kept going over my list and couldn’t remember what I wanted. Damn!

  36. Just use OHLC instead to figure out if your strikes are right, and estimate the option prices using the VIX? Maybe end of day option prices are available?

  37. this idea would not work in practice. since vix and the shares iv are not the same thing. vix cant even be used to esitmate sp500 option prices for dte other than 30.

  38. That's the problem. You'd think those records exist. But they dont.

  39. No they do. Two records. Thats it.


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