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  1. I think what's more fitting for this sub is that she posted this on Tic Tok. Why post a sad/wholesome moment with you family for clicks? I really just don't get this.

  2. I asked to work from home today. I live in Livermore. Do you think this was the right move? This is my first salaried job, so I'm new to this.

  3. I think it really depends on the person. Smoking everyday didn't work out for me, made me lazy/depressed, so I have to set boundaries for myself. I have a friend who gets straight A's at Berkeley and he smokes everyday.

  4. I agree. But if someone is worried about something like this, wouldn't it just be best to not mention it, especially if it's for a one-day experience? It's what I would do, but I can't begin to understand their perspective, which is why I pointed out my own ignorance.

  5. Unless you are transgender, I would assume that this would be a non-issue? Since you are going to a place of religious worship, I would assume you wouldn't be showing any PDA out of respect, straight or gay, so I don't think anyone is going to ask if you are LGBTQ. I am not Hindu, nor a member of the LGBT community, so I may be ignorant here. If you are transgender, it might be worthwhile to ask your boyfriend?

  6. Najimi is the only LGBT representation? What about Yamai and Katai-kun? Also, Isn't Najimi technically gender-fluid /non-binary, not trans?

  7. What do you like to do for fun? Find groups that do similar activies.

  8. Damn, wish i had the money to get a couple of the manga, :( amd cant even watch the animw either my mom cancelled our netflix

  9. This was a gift for myself when I got my first salaried job. I feel your pain, my guy. You can watch anime/manga for free online. My parents hated anime when I was a kid, so they let me get Crunchyroll. But make sure you support the authors and animators by buying merch when you have the money.

  10. Ive tried useing yt for atleast season 1 but it was all only the first episode and i havent been able to find in on anything and multipul search enguines say its only on netflix, might have to mooch off a friend to watch it lol

  11. Search on Reddit. That's the best option. 9anime and gogooanime are good.

  12. I made it for an animation course at school today and then tweaked it and added a secret to make it beautiful

  13. I went to the great wall in 2016. If you are still working on the project, show some damage and vendors. On the Beijing part of the wall, there are literally thousands of people walking on it. Just a suggestion. Would look cool.

  14. The original version the camera isn't bouncing around wild and is actually looking around like a person walking but if I ever want to go back and revamp it I'll totally add vendors, people, and more damage. Thank you

  15. There was a point in college where I binged that game for 1000 hours. I had to ban myself from playing because it was fucking up my sleep schedule.

  16. I usually have to run an email or company campaign that distributes and promotes quick page materials regarding HOW to use the existing content.

  17. Wow... Great advice! I was thinking about making some form of newsletter with the biggest issues people were having that month to lower ticket numbers.

  18. I know there’s the “haha you thought this and were wrong lol” or whatever

  19. I feel like Oda has better plans for Yamato. If she joined, a lot of Straw Hats would go further into the backdrop of things. I'm glad he made this choice.

  20. They all were, thats what makes this day so great.

  21. You could grab yourself a very nice Pine64 PinePower 120W for just 37.99$. It comes with Fast Wireless charging, 4 USB A ports and one USB-C PowerDelivery 65 Watt port. It has both EU and US versions.

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