1. Javi. I had (somewhat) control of him whereas ANF Clem went completely against the Clem I raised in the past two games.

  2. I am shocked Stadia has been going on for this long. Could've sworn it got discontinued about a year ago.

  3. All of these comments so far are completely wrong.

  4. So the new frontier, Richmond are also canon to the comic books?

  5. The main issue with this is that Bonnie and Mike would probably hate Arvo now since his group directly got one of their members killed.

  6. Ben pins Lee to the RV and tells him to drop the gun.

  7. Anyone who answers yes to this genuinely has issues.

  8. To be fair: I think the part most people laugh at is when it’s out of context.

  9. Yeah out of context stuff is fine and same with Troy's remark.

  10. God all of these fucking suck. Can't even do my usual poll option rankings since just thinking about each one pisses me off. I'm probably gonna go with Ava's since hers is 20 seconds long and she gets completely forgotten about right afterwards. At least with Nick's death we get to see Rebecca cry about it later on.

  11. They need a video editor and don't have access to Glenn's actor.

  12. He has a Nazi iron cross tattoo on him so he's definitely a Neo Nazi/white supremacist.

  13. The iron cross has really nothing to do with nazis. Yeah they used it as their military symbol but its from the old Prussian state (before Germany was a thing.) I doubt it has anything to do with Nazis as Russians, well hate them more than anyone else to say the least

  14. It's still widely associated with them even today to the point where it isn't weird at all to raise eyebrows to someone sporting it as a tattoo. Given Buricko's general character and other tattoos (which talk about killing snitches, implying he's been in prison), I seriously doubt he's wearing it in honor of the Prussian state and it was the devs way of showing that he's a bad person.

  15. Told her to shoot, makes for a way more emotional ending.

  16. These two have such a great friendship. I saw Homelander whisper something to A-Train during the big Homelander birthday celebration, which I could only imagine was about how proud he was of A-Train overcoming his hurdles. Even with A-Train putting on a few more pounds lately, Homelander will always be there to support him.

  17. Even ignoring... later events, I think it's better to leave him since it gives him a beautiful sendoff. Kenny giving his hat to Clem and saying he was real glad to have met her is amazing.

  18. AJ ends up crawling to the car where Jane tried hiding him. He then decides to run over Clem and you get a game over.

  19. "Homelander should win, he's basically evil Superman"

  20. Been playing TF2 for +10 years and I have never heard of this until now.

  21. "Well it's time for you to finally learn what crashing really means!"

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