1. smells worse than… (you know the rest. 😏)

  2. This fight was the absolute worse for me the first time. the amount of frustration and just annoyance was beyond me… didnt help that i was playing with a buddy of mine. lol 😆

  3. What about the gold i paid for them!? i have them. alll!!! boooo!!!

  4. Doubtfull, they’ll want “young” actors to be able to do a franchise for at least 10years. Mr. Fantastic could be their next IronMan…

  5. they look great! these are so small a difficult task for sure. good job!

  6. guys guys… he meant $1.42! Chill just forgot the decimal. lol

  7. is it really THAT loud? Are your walls that thin? I understand its loud… and you bring up valid points… issues that can be addressed with an update… i suppose.

  8. he’s able to change on command… so i doubt it

  9. Dont listen to these nay-sayers i love trannys!

  10. Honestly nothing, but tbh it should’ve been thought out more…

  11. feels like a message for the lizard ppl of the 30s

  12. Never trust a fair-haired bitch with no emotions speaking on some bullshit. This is a whole HollyWeird thing.

  13. in soviet russia, chickens eat YOUR nuggets

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