1. Rust spots could from calcium not being able to uptake properly. If temps are low the plant struggles to uptake calcium and other nutrients.

  2. It’s not just the top of the plant it’s like the left half of the plant

  3. Ghost toof imo haven’t tried double grape but I’ve had some of one of its parent strains grape crinkle that was stanky af

  4. That’s probably a flower growing. It’s so stressed that it thinks it needs to reproduce

  5. All prices are different it’s all based on what category like artisanal sand limited are most expensive

  6. That's weird. I just checked and it's the very first game. Go to 'All Sports' > College basketball.

  7. Yeah very weird I just tried that a whole bunch of times and still not showing up I was gonna tail but 🤷‍♂️

  8. When to start bottom watering in an EB is subjective based on ALL your conditions including temperature, humidity, soil, lighting and kinda included in the lighting how long you run the lights for.

  9. I tailed but I edited and made a second safer one with under 8.5 corners and under 2.5 goals

  10. I have this with Skywalker in the lineage as well just popped one hoping it turns out nice

  11. Man I'm pretty sure mine was all three as well...if I'm reading you correctly there. I think I got rid of the vial like a doofus.

  12. Nice you’ve got me excited then for mine bc you have some nice looking plants here. I don’t remember the order but

  13. Personally I’d skip that there’s 10 teams that have to score if one doesn’t you’re screwed

  14. It’s not terrible just to risky for the return on bet placed to me to bet on

  15. I use roootwise on mine and the growth is explosive. I also use coconut water powder, aloe powder, quillaja powder molasses and build a soils build a bloom usually all at once too

  16. I also grow them in an earthbox which is a sub irrigated planter so kinda like a 50/50 hydroponic system for organic growing I’ve seen one double in length in the past month and a half!

  17. You can try to bury the grains in the ground and remove as much of the contam as possible but that’s about it

  18. Kings is NHL. Also not my picks. Just a provider I paid for.

  19. These aren’t the same type of mites. These mites are only interested in decomposing matter.

  20. This is literally the same exact thing I see in my soil I’ve come to the conclusion they’re onion mites but they kill all my seedlings by eating the roots

  21. I’ve grown apples trees from seed and that doesn’t look like an apple seed

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