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  1. you should be able to hide free games from your library somehow.

  2. kingdoms of amalur: re-reckoning - fate edition

  3. If its your 1st time then they have to manually look into it so the details are valid

  4. Gl all Its locked hard so check that they are from same region

  5. Music i voted metalgunslinger, havent even played it but have heard the soundtrack that really deserves it

  6. Going from one of my most anticipated games to one of the least, can we please stop using bad business practices to scare away customers?.... they also have denuvo

  7. Imagine having a amazing sounding game and then adding dlc day 1 and denuvo. making it meh

  8. Purchasing from your account is fine, just dont logon to the steamdeck when you get it and it should be fine.

  9. I was pretty bummed out about the Choice for November. I'm going to gift myself the yearly humble and hope December is good. Though chances are, December will just be all of the games I'm buying over Black Friday ._.

  10. Grim dawn was given in the 2017 bundle but it has been a while so if they gave out the complete collection i think it might be included.

  11. feels bad for the people who payed full price, but cool addition to gamepass

  12. So freaking well deserved, its amazing and deserves every price it can get.

  13. Metal hellslinger deserves the best music award so badly

  14. When you login to the deck the first time the items are added to that account if im not mistaken or maybe a buttom add rewards but it was very straightforward.

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