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  1. Do you have any specific looks I can try to recreate? The only look I know how to do is winged liner and I don’t know if that even looks good. As far as fashion goes I don’t do anything fancy hardly ever, I don’t feel like I look good in dresses/feminine attire so I’m wondering what I should try instead

  2. I wouldn’t curl your hair, I would subtlety A-line it and add some layers (make it shorter in the back than the front at an angle and add layers to the back.

  3. I am literally re-lining a Sherpa lined jacket right now and the sleeves are not sherpa. Lol. That was OPs point. I am rectifying that and adding it the sleeves though. I have many other coats with either fur, fleece or sherpa linings and it rarely extends into the sleeves. I do have some sherpa lined jackets that have sherpa in the sleeves but it’s because it’s bonded to the fleece on the outside. (Fleece bonded sherpa.)

  4. It’s not that hard. I’m doing it right now but I’m replacing the entire lining because the Sherpa that was in the original was awful and the hardest part was deconstructing the jacket. It’s actually not that hard either, just time consuming. If I had only replaced the sleeve lining that would have been very quick and easy.

  5. You are absolutely correct. The bags with all legit, high end brands included will show lower retail than the over inflated garbage bags. I would take those any day even if they don’t hit the minimum advertised value (not sure if they guarantee it anymore but it’s what led to them adding more and more shady products).

  6. Those are all from the Boxycharm side. I got every single item pictured years ago. That barbarella palette is a joke. It’s a generic piece of crap with a generic formula where they claim the retail is over $50. Ridiculous. I wouldn’t pay $1 for it let alone $50.

  7. She used to work with Ipsy and now she has a YouTube channel where she does makeup and discusses true crime

  8. They didn’t just sterilize her, they gave her a hysterectomy. As in they removed her uterus. That’s insane. A tubal ligation has a chance of being reversed, albeit a small one. If Jamie DID know about it before they did it, then yes he’s a monster. If he didn’t then it was an unfortunate and barbaric thing to do and I don’t know why Beth isn’t taking her rage out on the clinic that did it. I’m sure she could find a way. It’s unclear to me about whether he knew up front though.

  9. I think they are setting this season up for all of the good stuff to happen in the second half. I don’t mind the odd pace of this season so far. I like the flashbacks and the reasons behind character motivations, etc.

  10. All those things are minuscule compared to the total operating cost of the ranch. Also the helicopter hasn’t been seen for several seasons now and Beth likely made millions of dollars when she was brokering multi-million dollar deals with Schwartz & Meyer. There’s a snowball’s chance in hell though that John would except Beth paying for the ranch’s upkeep out of her own pocket.

  11. Jesus. The only logical comment on this entire thread and no upvotes. Most of these people have obviously never set foot on a farm or a ranch, let alone know what the hell they are talking about. When they say they are “broke”, they mean that paying 1.4 million a MONTH in leasing fees for grazing land is going to be a challenge. Good tack when you use horses every day and vehicles that can haul trailers full of several thousands of pounds of horses or equipment like they are nothing with semi decent fuel mileage end up paying for themselves in the long run for businesses like ranches.

  12. Good point, the whole horse show and breeding business was the ranch's salvation

  13. Do all of you guys criticizing it not realize it will take years to pay off and become profitable? And that’s if they make the right choices to begin with. They could spend millions on a champion stallion that they charge a breeding fee for and that horse could die in a freak accident. Either way, it could take several years for them to make their money back, let alone start making a profit. The same with the people they sponsor. But it does start a legacy which was the higher goal. Either way, it’s not a high enough income stream to support 1.4 million a month in lease fees for their cattle when they are just getting started in it.

  14. Wait a minute.....we can turn these cows into steaks??

  15. Ranchers generally don’t butcher their own cattle. They raise them and sell them at auction to companies set up to do it at that volume. It’s not that easy to just set up a whole butchering operation while you’re raising thousands of cows every year. They are a lot of work.

  16. This is the one problem with this fandom and how they perceive new seasons. When Ryan tried new things, the fandom hates it. When he doesn’t try new things, the fandom hates it.

  17. Part of this problem is social media. People let others too easily influence their love or hate of something and go along with it because they don’t want to be the odd man out. I think it’s silly.

  18. •selfish and puts his however unreasonable desires before everyone else

  19. The whole scene where he’s complaining that she never asked him about how HER cancer is affecting HIM… and she says “omg I’m one of those selfish cancer bitches” or something like that… I was seriously hoping she was being sarcastic in that moment and every time I realize she’s serious, I get annoyed all over again!

  20. one thing that really annoyed me was the way he treated his mother. in a way he treated her like some kind of servant. When he tapped his cup to her like she’s supposed to serve him. It’s not to say that his mother didn’t want to make him happy by serving him, but jesus he could’ve been more respectful. you can just tell he wanted Lynette to be more like his mother and i bet you if Lynette wasn’t more assertive with herself, Tom would take advantage and walk all over her and she would be a housewife who would let things slide. I’m glad she put her foot down in so many situations because Tom was just so irritating.

  21. To be fair, his mother raised him that way and it really sheds a light on why his beliefs and treatment of lynette are the way they are. His mom taught him that women should be nothing more than slaves to their husbands and children, especially the boys. The fact that she happily jumps to serve him when he taps his coffee cup and other things she says during this time period show you where this behavior came from. Her.

  22. How dare they make an offer within mercari’s range! The audacity.

  23. Do you lack reading comprehension? That’s not what they said at all…. Apparently the 8 people who agreed with you also lack it.

  24. Maybe that you had decided you didn't actually want the item anymore. You wanted to post this because it is funny that they said they'd cancel and then accepted. But no one on this sub thinks cancelling after you send an offer is ok. I'm not saying that's the case. I'm just saying that could be a possible reason. If you actually wanted to offer more money, why didn't you let the buyer know that? Tell them to decline the offer because you wanted to increase it? Or better yet, why didn't you just purchase it at the price it was listed at? If you really wanted it that bad, that's what makes the most sense.

  25. So many downvotes when you are telling the truth. Lmao. This sub is crazy sometimes. OP could have turned around and purchased it for the asking price without having to get the offer declined because it would have automatically cancelled the offer and you’re right, the fact that they didn’t say they wanted to offer more money is odd. 99.999999% of people who request this aren’t doing it to offer more money because they would have just paid asking instead. But hey, this could be the 00.00000001% time and OP just forgot how to communicate their intentions at the time. 😂

  26. Yeah I’ve used a lighter on plastic (my lungs thanked me) and I was like “Hmmm, I’ll get cancer so I can see my pretty colors in a palette!”

  27. Use a candle so you don’t burn your fingers with a lighter. Get it just hot enough to pop the pan out from the back but don’t push too hard or you’ll…. Crack the shadow. I’m guessing you figured it out by now but I’m posting this in case anyone else needs help!

  28. I want to be talked into this foundation. Tell me more 🫣

  29. It took her like 8 years to develop her own formula from scratch. She researched and picked out her own raw ingredients and made countless batches until she got exactly what she wanted. She’s a small indie brand and made sure to launch enough shades to cover almost everybody. She’s a phenomenal makeup artist who puts a lot of love and care into her makeup and she does not accept money for reviews of products. Need I go on?

  30. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I feel like I’m dying. We are having a VERY unusual cold snap right now and it hit me hard this year. Head to toe pain everywhere with a headache AND feeling like I was on fire. Even my softest clothes hurt to touch my skin. It was brutal.

  31. This happened to me also this week! The FedEx driver messed up and sent it to the wrong address. Since they took a pic of where it was delivered they are saying it was delivered! But it wasn’t my house!! I wish the recipient would have contacted FedEx or brought it the the correct address! This person received 3 boxes of “free” FabFitFun items meant for someone else. If they have someone else’s name on it, then I would have made every attempt to find the person and make sure they received it and call FabFitFun. When people receive other people’s mail/packages, I have a real problem with it.

  32. What happened to you and what happened to OP are completely different scenarios. Hers was some kind of glitch where she got several boxes all addressed to her.

  33. It used to be mine but I don’t like it anymore for some reason. I don’t know why. It was my main perfume for several years after Ralph Lauren Polo Sport for Women was discontinued.

  34. Looking for feedback! Wedding is supposed to have a prohibition/old Hollywood feel so wanted dramatic eye makeup. Lipstick is too faced lady bold in shade takeover with liner makeup forever in free burgundy. I’m not sure what else was used.

  35. I LOVE it whether you had a theme or not. That lip suits you! Wow! Personally, I would clean up your brows but other than that this is perfect!

  36. Can’t it also warp the corset? I’ve just seen a few brands now warn people not to do that but it seems like a lot of people on here do it. I’m so confused!

  37. You can also quickly dip a cotton square in ice water and pat it around your face. Make sure you squeeze it of course. It will set your makeup and make your skin look radiant like there’s no powder on it but it doesn’t take off your makeup.

  38. Same here but its for Blossom nd King o the Hill

  39. Mine happens with random shows and movies. Not the ones you guys named.

  40. The audio has been getting extremely high to the point of where its pushing the limits of the speakers and makes them fuzzy. But then at some points the audio gets too low to hear. All this happens without me touching the volume button, sometimes if you stop the show and then resume it at the point you stopped it, the volume level might return to normal.

  41. Lmao I wrote out a comment before reading this and I didn’t even need to because that’s exactly what’s been happening to mine. I thought maybe it was my roku but if it’s not just me, it must be Hulu 🤷🏻‍♀️

  42. Was this supposed to be the Ouai product from category 6??? I thought it was supposed to be an 8 oz bottle? 😤😤

  43. It was obviously an accident and they will either send the one OP was supposed to get or credit or something.

  44. I would have already taken a lancet to it. But that’s just me. If I feel the smallest hint of a bump near my eyes I pop it.

  45. Karl is amazing but we can't forget how dishonest and devious he is.

  46. But he does it in a funny, light hearted kind of way. Not a dark, cruel way. The world and this show would boring without people like Karl. Everyone on this show is devious and dishonest a LOT

  47. Right? Like WTF Adam saves Katherine and Bree but yet he’s in the “die” category and the psycho, wife beating ex husband who was about to kill them is a category above. I cannot trust this persons judgement.

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