AITA for refusing to to let my husband's infertile friend name our son?

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  1. I listened today and thought the same thing. She does this all the time though. Instead of explaining it, I'll give a hypothetical example:. Alaina says the sky is green. Ash then says the sky is in fact blue. Alaina then says the sky is blue and acts like Ash misunderstood her when she said the sky is green. Alaina then makes Ash feel dumb and manipulates her into thinking it was in fact Alaina that said the sky is blue to begin with.

  2. The fact this Series gave so much info on the victims was Interesting but I would Be lying if I said I did not cry. Especially the episode with Tony

  3. I was banned from that group because I said the serial killer earrings were gross

  4. I miss old morbid - it’s not anywhere close to what it was

  5. I don’t like crime junkie but Ashley flowers is a phenomenal story teller and I’m sure her book is 568 times better than Alaina’s

  6. her book is the jonbenet ramsey case with just a few differences so its not exact. Very much "you can copy my homework but don't make it look the same"

  7. Invisible choir did a really cool and interesting series on the gore community. It was in their Patreon $15 tier (obviously not cheap) and even just hearing about the sorta content these people seek out was horrifying enough. I Couldn't imagine watching those videos. Way beyond "morbid curiosity"

  8. Ya they did - I love invisible choir - did you listen to “treacherous teacher? Also in the fifteen dollar tier

  9. I did! At least the first few. I did switch back to the $5 tier because I just have too many subscriptions, at this point, lol. She was intriguing at first but I got the point where I just didn't believe her story anymore, I think. If she was being truthful, I really worry for the people in her life and future partners.

  10. Dude - same. I finished listening and I was like wtf- very concerning

  11. I ended up cancelling my Patreon because of it. And then I just stopped listening altogether.

  12. Yes and when people say their “favorite “ serial killer is gross - most interesting? Sure . Favorite? Gross af

  13. AmaZing. My famiLy is in Prizren. My dad is from Pejë

  14. You mean the people being held without trial or formal evidence against them? I suggest you go down the rabbit hole of what Guantanamo truly is. I don’t care who Rabia is, but this is nothing to hold against her. This is quite ignorant and says a lot more about you than her.

  15. Nah - and I’m fully good with you thinking it says anything about me.

  16. So, is this guy a hero or a bad guy? I'd never heard of him before, so I just did a bunch of research on the guy, and there's a whole ton of conflicting information and stories about him.

  17. if i had to guess, he'll probably lay low and spend time with his family- maybe learn how to use an iphone

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