1. that was awesome we all need to cut loose like that thanks

  2. Thanks love trying to bring the positive one way or another

  3. “Bring the positive” by glorifying a horrendous drug that destroys minds and lives? Yeah, real fuckin positive. You can lie to yourself all you want but don’t go spreading this shit on the internet for impressionable people to see. Get some help while you still can.

  4. Oh Jesus Christ at the end of the day we all made our choices that led us down the path that we’re on. Don’t blame me for your fuck ups. We’re all adults so if you are an “impersonal person” either grow the fuck up or where are your parents cause you shouldn’t be on here. Sorry but im not going to be another whiney ass addicted that blames everyone else for the choices I am. Grow up

  5. keep shining like the STARR you are :heart_eyes:

  6. Because you don’t answerr 😩💀

  7. Shit I was over here thinking you were the one who never responded and the whole time it was me 😪🫠

  8. Now you have to get a new one as you watch it :15912:

  9. Nooo I hope I get to keep this profile for as long as I can

  10. Of course, you are right that you have a great cake day in progress and I am sure you can see the clouds forming in the sky with my name and the moon for you 😉

  11. What do you think about getting a 8 ball getting together getting naked smoking a joke and f****** around all night long and watch some p***

  12. I hope your neighbors appreciate you, as I am wishing you lived near us

  13. God the meth subreddit is a bunch of gate keeping crybaby never had a wet ass pussy in they life little bitches. I’ve been permabanned twice now. Fucking wack ass place

  14. “sad dick daryl” 🤣🤣 that’s definitely added to my vocabulary going forward

  15. 😂😂😂😂😂 it’s never rang more true than discovering the sad debauchery that is the meth subreddits

  16. Damn...don't know to many women that for some reason look fucking sexy as the hit a bowl

  17. Thank you ! Those are just a couple I have 15 I want more though 😭

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