1. Northern wind and golden oriole is the way!

  2. lvl 20 swords. In NG+ scales to 20 level at which you started NG+ in. Decent damage for lvl 20 and very average bonus.

  3. Yes, it turns it into a hack n slash mission. You meet Cleaver's men in those location and then kill everyone and examine stuff.

  4. If the Gangs of Novigrad turns it into only a hack and slash mission, then I'd rather not do it. Is that the case?

  5. Yes, it turns it into a hack n slash mission. You meet Cleaver's men in those location and then kill everyone and examine stuff.

  6. The wolves attacking has happened to me a lot but never saw them killing an NPC. Probably a new bug. TBH I can't say. Maybe he respaws when you get that part of the quest?

  7. Nice! Have you compared this to the farm in east Novigrad?

  8. You should see my Hattori's inventory

  9. Dijstra points you to the elf , and vivladi mentions dijkstra if you have met him already. If you haven't the next objective shows the innkeper. If will progress automatically and the objective will appear the moment you meet Dijktra by continuing on with the main quest.

  10. Yes, all legendary versions have bonuses.

  11. Probably cause they are close and CDPR wanted to make it feel like a real area.

  12. Cardinal Sins and Equine Phantoms . Cardinas Sins can be found in the base game and you need to complete all Dandelines storyline to get to it. And the later can be found in Toussaint. It's also a missable one just like the former. It is given to you by the hermit Pinastri at her hermitage, northeast of the Dun Tynne Crossroads. Hope you do these.

  13. In NG+ you get legendary versions of witcher gear which are basically better versions of witcher gear you find. You need to find them all again like how you did in the Base Game. And yes , if you want to get all the mutations and all the skill points and more for builds and stuff without farming you need to do NG+ .And yes they will be outclassed the fresh playthrough versions . They last about 20 levels in NG+ then switch them with enhanced versions of legendary gear. And to level up Aerondight you need to hit an enemy 10 times without getting hit then kill 1 enemy with the 10 charged aerondight then the sword icreases damage. Repeat this for each time you gain a new level.

  14. Fast Swarm enemies like Spiders and Wolves and Tanky enemies like Golems and Gargoyeles.

  15. Phoenix237 showed this in one of his latest videos

  16. Indeed; I learned of it from some of the comments on my Metamorphosis build video! A few different people commented about it. Gotta love the community.

  17. SEND HELP! I gambled everything to Gwent! I didn't have anything to pay so they captured me.

  18. "Firstly, this quest has a prerequisite in order to start it. To begin Where the Cat and Wolf Play in The Witcher 3, players will need to complete a contract known as The Beast of Honorton. This can be found on notice boards in either Crow's Perch or Oreton."

  19. I spare him , Lambert can always come back later alone.

  20. maybe 3 pcs griffin , chest ursine ,/ any 3pcs griffin for the bonus preferrebly swords and body armour, medium armour glyphward. sign and sword skills , griffin school techniques, CoM or Piercing Cold.

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