1. I live around a lot of Latinos and y’all great hygiene practices must be the reason the health inspectors keep taking down ur restaurants right?

  2. Not really cleanliness is very praised around here if you smell at 8:00. commute as if it was 18:00, you very obviously lack on the most basic of hygiene and food safety is taken very seriously over here.

  3. If ouro food or even Argentina’s one is worse than the US, I’m a fax machine

  4. Turkey or Chester (roided up selectively bred chicken), roasted ham or pork thigh, rice with raisins, farofa, salpicão (cold chicken mayonnaise salad) and pavê for desert.

  5. Provavelmente só vão te aprovar até 2k então esse valor tá ok, especialmente por ser uma parte do centro menos arrombada.

  6. Rojadirecta or get Kodi and the TV Tap extension, I found out the hard way that the Turkish Süper Lig is not the cure for insomnia.

  7. Yes, they're not small in the grand scheme of things, when you compare them to Liberia or Canada.

  8. Uruguai is the biggest winner of the Copa América, if I’m not mistaken they also have the most international titles per capita, with Peñarol and Nacional being amongst the biggest winners of the Libertadores, when it comes to the CAF Egypt is the biggest winner of the Cup and Al Ahly and Zamalek the biggest winners when it comes to the club side of things.

  9. They both have 15 titles, sure Peñarol and Nacional are not on the same level as Flmengo and Palmeiras right now, but they are far from Oriente Petrolero.

  10. Na Liberdade, o Lika acho que oferece mais voltado pra essa proposta, o Pub Kei na Paulista, o omakase do Kyiota também e o Ryo, mas esse vai da consciência e bolso de cada um.

  11. Common, it’s a miserable insanely hot dry and hard to get around place, with some of the ugliest places in the country being inside the district as well.

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