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  1. They were awful and toxic to each other, actually.

  2. They're loud as fuck. Never again. Lol. I've got some Noctua Redux fans, I forget the exact model number, but they're much quieter and perform great. So ... Basically set for fans.

  3. idk most of these seem great lol

  4. Not your fault OP but i came into this thread expecting a completely different topic lmao

  5. Creating Utopias where every one can live relatively comfortably.

  6. There should be laws about mobile telecom telling bold faced lies to sell products

  7. Maybe you should fire your photography team.

  8. Heh I'd be willing to bet the VAST SWEEPING majority of people in america support this. But that doesn't fit the narrative, so the media and politicians push shit down peoples throats to keep us divided.

  9. translation: Remember when boomers got all the good shit and left you the scraps with their indifference and stupidity

  10. One Chevvy S10 and a 1tb hard drive

  11. Incredible. Absolutely beautiful. Just damn.

  12. I think my favorite part about snafus like this is that they don't keep any record of it. There's ZERO accountability when one agent contradicts another. THEY JUST DONT CARE

  13. lmao yeah can't have publicly posted criticisms that are easy to access by customers, can we????

  14. I'm in the same boat. Bisexual but prefer women. It actually took me a LONG TIME to admit that too. Went by the term Lesbian for so long. Just kinda ignoring those feelings.

  15. Using up all the rest of her digital credit as shamelessly as possible before she's voted out in nov

  16. Memes aside I would totally love to see more of this in the world

  17. >Cis white male mad as hell his kind are being forced to abide by the same rules as every one else

  18. I cope with it by mentally insisting this is how lesbians went stealth through out the dark ages of the world when lesbians were literally burned at the stake. It's a pretty boomer-y term, afiak ... which you know, past 250 years, is kinda when that would've happened. If not further and beyond.

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