1. Yep! Both did. But check with the collin advisor to make sure things haven’t changed!

  2. Wow, 2 years later and we are still here!! Did you graduate?

  3. He’s pretty good with peppy songs like Ghungroo ans Nashe si chad gayi

  4. SRK and Juhi! I mean they are really good friends! I love watching them together. The chemistry the friendship is so evident

  5. That’s a great first step! Joining volunteers myself made me close to JK and the religion. I also made some really good friends on the way! Best of luck buddy!

  6. I watched it and I liked it. I believe with the restrictions still in place, the movie is doing really well. In Canada, over the weekend it was a full house even at 10:30pm ✌🏻

  7. 10:30pm full house in North America is saying something 👀

  8. Where can I watch this episode in the US? Its not available on Hotstar/Hulu

  9. Download the parking spot app. It’s very convenient and cheaper than most other options!

  10. I missed seeing her on this sub! Breath of fresh air!

  11. Citi Custom Cash, Wells Fargo Active Cash, Chase Freedom Unlimited, or Chase Freedom Flex. All of them are very competitive cards and have 0 fees. Personally, I'd go for Chase cards because of 5/24 but if you don't plan on churning, then that limit doesn't matter too much.

  12. I already have a discover it with revolving categories, If I choose the chase freedom flex and that ends up having the same categories, am I better off just choosing the chase freedom unlimited?

  13. Buttabomma is one of the most beautifully choreographed songs!! The sets, props, hook steps, costumes, video coloring/filters, etc are gorgeous. Very dreamy.

  14. Yes!! and the way Armaan Malik sung it is OUTSTANDING! I don't understand a word of that song but I listen to it so much!

  15. Hmm sounds pretty similar to my case. I wonder if it’s the same company lol

  16. She has a good screen presence but yes the acting could be better

  17. Om Shanti Om! I was young when it released and I remember going to school and EVERYONE was talking about her!!!!

  18. I am quite confused here due to conflicting statements:-

  19. The business is not personally fulfilling for him and was passed down by our parents (it was never his goal/passion) and he always wanted to get into IT despite the fact that he knows he is slow when it comes to learning.

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