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  1. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a pommel-mark…

  2. In an optional conversation, Ryuzo says regarding Yuna, “you always were lucky.”

  3. Do you mean in single player or Legends? If Legends, I would ask at the dedicated sub,

  4. Would highly recommend changing Spirit Kunai Cooldown Reduction percentage to Ghost Weapon damage. Its benefit requires you to get a kill with the kunai so the additional damage is a way to help assure that, especially if you don’t have any other bonuses to Ghost Weapon damage on a charm or Caltrops.

  5. Umugi Cove and its associated missions are great photo material.

  6. Finishing the character and other side tales before the ending does change up some dialogue and interactive scenery. It also adds depth to the story. I like to do all side content before moving onto the next act.

  7. Objects that may be examined. “Props” might be a better word.

  8. Great work! Pic 2: The only actual snake in the entire game (rather than something/someone named for one).

  9. Haha I guess so! 😁 I'd kill for a nickname like The Viper though 😏 thank you very much!

  10. I’ll be honest I’ve never been sure why all the masks aren’t available to all the classes, it’s all Jin’s body with glowy eyes after all, except for the Hunter

  11. I can understand why; they wanted classes to have different aesthetics. And they came up with some cool full-face masks for Legends; all of the humanoid Oni, except Disciples, are wearing them.

  12. These are licensed prints taken from concept art/some in-game art, but they are fucking expensive.

  13. I would check for some works on Behance/DeviantArt. But be aware that you may need to ask for permission from creators, to use those for personal use.

  14. Artstation also has quite a few pieces of official concept art that doesn’t even appear in the art book.

  15. If that’s the case, I would recommend avoiding this sub entirely, until a there’s reliable announcement. There are spoilers abound and not everyone has the manners to tag them.

  16. I was looking for the location of the wisteria, don't know where it is aha, but thanks for your help

  17. They’re only found on Iki. But I don’t recommend going there until after you finish all of the main and side tales on Tsushima.

  18. Will do thanks for all your help, I'm sure this comment thread will be useful to those wondering the same thing

  19. It was personal for some of the developers, and for other gamers (including myself). Karen Huie, her actress, received so much fan feedback about it she did a video project.

  20. Don’t worry, you’re not stuck. You can go to a different place and another female NPC will give you the same tip. You’re not missing anything vital, since the only “missable” items in game are the crafting resources from the Castle Kaneda and Training Camp Trappers. (Well, the only ones missable by design. Sometimes there are bugs.)

  21. Not OC, but I recommend the same for both of those reasons. You will also get more out of Iki by completing all Tales of Tsushima (not just the Jin’s Journey main quests) and Mythic Tales. Full liberation is optional.

  22. Yea that makes a lot of sense, I did that for the first Act I'm now on the second and it's just got me wondering, thank you !

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