A well known overwatch coach Jayne has gone missing

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  1. There’s a difference between having a new account and smurfing. If you’re on a new account and doing well, people will say you’re smurfing until your mmr gets stabilized and you get placed in an appropriate competitive rank.

  2. Personally, I have bound the pillow spray, so I sleep them, spray a pillow under their head and then either do the literal teabag emote or the candy emote.

  3. i’d keep golden india, but you can have the rest. i liked that german joint but it was wicked pricey. i guess that’s why they’re gone.

  4. Duuuude. That German place was fucking GREAT! That brat on the pretzel bun was divine.

  5. my take on corky's is that it does everything pretty decent, but that nothing really stands out as incredible. it's a pretty good all-around barbecue restaurant

  6. Hey!!! I started clarinet in my 30’s also! I’m 32 now but started it last year. Stick with it.

  7. Cool man. Feel free to dm me! Would be cool to chat and keep up with each other’s progress as adult beginners. :)

  8. Definitely the Innovative Percussion IP240’s. While they don’t necessarily sound the best, they are still pretty good and I’m convinced you could drop a nuke on them and they’d survive.

  9. Funny you say that… those are the ones we had and all my pairs ended up broken in a few months. The only mallets I bought that didn’t break with a wood shaft were some suspended cymbal mallets due to the almost drumstick sized shaft.

  10. The honestly sounds like you need to train your percussionists to take better care of their equipment, man. I’ve honestly never had this problem.

  11. Unless you have a long term plan of what you will do next, I’d strongly advise against quitting your job for one sub gig. I totally empathize with where you’re at, but I’d suggest taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture before making any decisions. Any reputable orchestra will understand you not being able to do one gig. They’ll call again. In the meantime come up with a plan, hopefully find a better job, etc. Good luck!

  12. This is just leftover stockholm syndrome from the suffering of the past 4 years

  13. I’m sorry to sound like a dick, but please just scroll the subreddit. Seriously, people post the same stuff ALL THE TIME and you will find years and years worth of helpful posts.

  14. If you are located somewhere that has a university with a music department, reach out to the flute professor to see if they have any recommendations. Explain the situation, what you want to accomplish, etc., and hopefully they’ll be able to assist with finding you someone to help you achieve your goals! It certainly won’t be the same as your previous teacher, but I know there are people out there that will be able to get you where you want to go! Good luck! ❤️

  15. Was this on Germantown parkway??? I swear I saw it a little farther back and was like “what the fuck is going on???”

  16. There’s some great pinned topics to check out in this sub’s “about” section. Otherwise try searching or scrolling down a bit. This stuff gets asked a lot. :)

  17. Not surprising lmao when did that happen? It’s been a little bit since I’ve been back.

  18. My guess is they would turn it around and say that the friend was being disruptive or something, so they had to be removed. Not saying that was the case at all, but in a conservative state, it would definitely be turned around and pinned on the trans individual and nothing would happen.

  19. Performing, like everything music related, takes practice. Unfortunately, there’s no magic cure for stage freight other than putting yourself out there. Beta blockers exist, and can be found naturally in bananas, so eating a banana a little before performing may help. Otherwise, you may try starting small - play for your family, a friend, etc. before you have to perform for larger groups. Good luck! It is something almost everyone struggles with.

  20. I respect your opinion, but I personally have never been pulled over for a traffic violation

  21. Wtf crawled up and died in your ass dude? OP asked a question and someone gave their answer based on personal experience. Chill out, go outside or something.

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