1. The Sixth Sense is a good intro horror movie. Has some very effective scares, while never being overly violent. Also has good amount of tension relief so you’re not always on edge and ultimately has a happy ending.

  2. I was told the refs were calling this for Tennessee.

  3. Oh man I thought they were about to say he died

  4. I've never once watched a movie and thought "that would have been better with unsimulated sex scenes". If the director was insistent that this was his final cut of the movie, fine, but it's not like I'm dying for a bunch of mainstream NC-17 movies because that level of sexual content isn't something that's necessary or even beneficial in 99% of cases.

  5. NC-17 is not solely given for unsimulated sex. Any number of factors can influence the MPAA’s decision. The South Park movie, for example, was originally given an NC-17 rating for lewd humor. As I’ve seen already suggested in this thread, you should check out the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated to see what a stranglehold the MPAA has on the film industry’s “morals” (for example, how women’s sexuality is considered more “inappropriate” than male sexuality).

  6. Pissed I can’t make it tomorrow. Make it loud as hell in there everyone! I’ll be screaming at my tv right along with you.

  7. He’s very humble. He makes sure that every person in the room feels like they have a better understanding of basic offensive concepts than he does. He even takes that humility into game day. It’s really selfless to let every Titans fan, from the oldest die-hards to my 8-week old baby feel like they can call a better offensive game than he can.

  8. I was told Terry was scary. After two weeks, the only thing scary is his target share. Not giving up on him yet, but something needs to give.

  9. AR is reportedly injured, which is why he hasn’t been running, so you guys are golden

  10. If anything, a backup quarterback would ensure a Florida win. Tennessee has many kryptonites, but the combination of Florida plus a backup qb would just be too much.

  11. 22 years later and it still makes me just as mad every time I see it.

  12. Would you tight-end jet-sweep? I’d tight-end jet-sweep so hard.

  13. I’m gonna finger bang bang you into my life!

  14. I’ve turned my attention to my wife’s Dancing With the Stars. It’s far less painful to watch.

  15. This is fucking laughable. Haven’t seen a performance this bad since the Patriots blew us out 59-0. And at least we could point to the snow there as some sort of (weak) excuse.

  16. Haha. Absolutely phenomenal work and you deserve nothing but praise, but I couldn’t help but think of

  17. The Orphanage definitely should be on the list.

  18. Glenn Danzig's Verotika. Although I must admit I had a hell of a good time watching it with friends.

  19. This is the correct answer. It somehow gets worse with each new story.

  20. Anyone know how to fix the yahoo stat tracker when it stops updating? I’ve closed all windows and relaunched and it still only loads once then stops updating.

  21. Having the same issue. Don’t know what’s up.

  22. Little did that audience know he would go on to become the iconic Brandon Saint Randy, adult film star extraordinaire.

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