I Don't Like White Women (Needed Vent)

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  1. The pack drops are all over the place. Lars came out the same day his Venture season started, which was also about 9 days before C2S8 started in BR. Kevin-bot came out 15 days after his Venture season started, which was the same day C3S1 started in BR. Mecha-pop also came out the same day C3S2 started in BR (55 days after his Venture season started). There was no new pack for the Scurvy Shores Venture season this year. Then Toni came out 2 days before the most recent Ventures season, which was also 2 weeks into C3S3.

  2. Not sure why you’re getting so many downvotes. You learned from your mistakes and you’re just sharing that. The braids black women can wear typical aren’t meant for white people with wavy or straight hair. It took a bad experience for you to learn that, but at least you understand that now

  3. You're acct is 2 months old and you only have 1 karma, and this is your only comment here.

  4. Please don't make a title like this here ever again.

  5. No thank you sis for being apart of our community and for being an Usagi fan, she's the best magical girl series 💯

  6. Periodttt points for knowing her Japanese name ❤️ I can’t wait to show off my wand 💯

  7. Ignore that bot, I created it a long time ago, need to disable it.

  8. I find it very telling how you refer to him as a "man" but to the Black women as "girls"

  9. Banning any ppl here with the "iSN't ThIS sEGRAtiOn?", "nOT aLL wHItE pPL!" and "yOuR rAsiCT".

  10. Do you want us to report when people are like “I’m a White guy!”?

  11. You’re right, this IS the best way to wake up in the morning 🥰. (I’m bisexual, so NO ONE try to assume anything!)

  12. As a cis hetero male, if I woke up to this, I'm sure not stopping him from doing it.

  13. Is the new skin thicc? Or should I wait for Marvel thicc queens Storm, Rogue, Psylocke?

  14. Dont forget that we have a lot of White ppl that lurk this community and will upvote and award anything that goes against calling them out as well.

  15. Yea, removing this cause its giving me 2nd hand cringe.

  16. As a black man who loves black women some of the comments in this thread are sad. Still love y’all though :)

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