1. Idk I usually play mvm and normal pub matches and you’ll see some nazi shit quite a bit

  2. Depends on the lobby, sometimes it’s a whole lobby of them, sometimes it’s just one guy, sometimes it’s subtle like having a Nazi sign or something stupid like that but it could be worse. There was a bit where the spinner bots just spamming the n word

  3. It wasn’t just the supports. Everyone looked bad. Even proper looked horrible with the whole roll the dice on the heroes every time he ults, they need to play proper where he’s good at and not just whatever they feel like. I know someone else on this already said about the coping of shock and the thing that really pissed me off today was the cope of “well they are sleeping in a hotel” like why does that matter??? They are getting sleep aren’t they? I’m glad you are a shock fan that can admit they are just bad this year 🫡 and no more excuses for proper either, Edison looks horrible on fuel this year and people are just not making excuses for him and just saying “oh he’s just a one trick” “ he won’t be good ever again” and just completely dunking on him even though he was great last season.

  4. The comments made me figure out what it actually was, I’ve just seen it as the second photo until now I figured it out.

  5. Shock fans and casters make so many excuses for shocks horrible play, I remember saying I wasn’t impressed with shock and got hated on bad bc of whatever narrative or excuse they were trying to pull and after getting attacked that bad for a opinion I have hated shock since then which sucks bc I liked shock before but it is so bullshit

  6. Yeah but like is your challenge/reward area even counting them towards the 3 owl tokens yet? I got 2 matches right (just winners not scores) and my progress still says 0/5. The 2 wins were from yesterday.

  7. They show for the picks but go to the challenges section. See if it shows progress towards getting tokens for getting picks right.

  8. It doesn’t say any tokens progress but it says I’m close to double points

  9. Wait what happened to Carpe!? I’ve not been catching up with OWL news… I thought fusion turned Seoul inferno..

  10. Why is striker still there we know he probably gonna retire lmao

  11. That’s just their active roster as of right now, he hasn’t officially retired yet

  12. DOWN WITH JUSTICE (I’m crying, I wish they were good)

  13. 7900XTX and a 2k 240hz monitor. Maybe get a 4K monitor for some solo games but I don’t think I will, who knows though, I impulse buy a lot

  14. Honestly I don’t think they’d have much incentive to continue the league for much longer. I’d see them ending the league all together before they do a revamp

  15. That’s a fair statement, I would rather them not end it because it is so fun to watch but I don’t doubt if they do. Hopefully contenders would continue if they end league, or maybe that would be a new league type of thing.

  16. I would assume so but not sure honestly. We will see if they address it

  17. They already have. Go watch the video. hastr0 explains the move.

  18. Vegas too high imo. Other then that the list looks decent, only other thing I would change would be shock in high A tier and glads or mayhem in bottom of S instead

  19. Damn, it was mainly bc I like justice, didn’t even realize that many people would downvote me damn🥲

  20. Shock is not #1, Boston shouldn’t be that high I think they are behind glads and I front of Toronto, and Vegas is oddly enough way too high

  21. All those are fair points…. Besides Vegas, they are a tier of worst OWL team to exist. #FreePoulet

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