1. You describe the idea very well. Do you know any Jewish texts that express this idea?

  2. Bc he normalised relations with several Arab countries, which was his stated plan for decades that the US just simply didn’t want t execute, believing that the Palestinian issue must be solved before any broad normalisation.

  3. I believe Moses can be seen as the main founder of The Israelites as a people. As we were just another Egyptian/Canaanite group before him.

  4. Lebanon... still scratching it's left ear with it's right hand;

  5. Oh goody. Another round of this for people to get up in arms about and rehash their same pet talking points. I’m sure this time it will be totally unique and not a complete repetition of flinging out Pew research and baseless projection because “my cousin’s uncle’s step-niece married out and got divorced you see” with “yeah well my aunt’s 2nd cousin married in and THEY got divorced faster” rebuttals.

  6. I admit for a second there I thought they were calling for a "final solution" against the Palestinians.

  7. Is that because of censorship or just the left wing users downvoting right wing comments?

  8. Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person solely as an object of sexual desire. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity.

  9. Point of resting biologically is allowing the already existing mechanisms of the body to go into action for:

  10. Had we been a people held captive by a terrorist organization or a non-functioning dictatorship masquerading as democracy than that sentence would mean something profound about not hating someone for something he can't control.

  11. Most mizrachim come from traditional and conservative countries and are at least somewhat religious. On top of that most of the racism especially in the early days of the state came from the left wing labour and socialist parties. So when menachem begin embraced their causes they joined their natural allies and became staunch right wingers. Finally they come from Arab countries by definition and they are very well aware of Arab culture, so the left wing approaches to security are non starters for them.

  12. No matter how the world sees Bennet's view on the conflict he is in the end a pragmatist, a man willing to compromise so that Israel gets the best result.

  13. One time I was bothering a friend (girl) and she wanted to hit me and I managed to mostly dodge it, she barely touched me like extremely lightly and she touched a point in my back near the joint of my arm and shit it hurted so much and it felt like my arm was numb asleep it was terrible it took me like 2h to feel normal again

  14. Yeah no I'm not worried about that I learned to be a skilled welder in my school I'm good with construction and measuring instruments and all that but like yeah I didn't make the question quite clear but when they say I'm gonna be held back will I literally be in the same grade I was in this year?

  15. Yes, though they might require you to make some changes to your year, like extra classes and what not.

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