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Disturbance at Lawry's Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

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  1. Go to a midweek afternoon game, prices much lower.

  2. I’m with you, i lie down and game on a gigasized beanbag and like the tv high and angled down, almost like a planetarium.

  3. I don’t like team gimmicks usually, but the art and the personalities make up for it. Boneface’s famous insult still cracks me up.

  4. Holy crap this makes so much sense. Earlier this year I made a breakthrough in therapy and it literally felt like I immediately “popped” into secure attachment, like popping a dislocated shoulder back into place. The sudden positive change has been headspinning.

  5. That first pic reminds me of the opening of Golden Girls lol

  6. Omg I remember this video we’d watch it all the time in college lol he had mad juice!

  7. He got the flaming hots to go with the cherry coke!

  8. I don’t like any of the seasons with official teams/pairs. It’s better as an individual competition.

  9. Hades, Dead Cells, the Ori games, Hollow Knight

  10. Wait until elections. The ballots are so long we can’t use voting machines here.

  11. Keep dying, it goes up to 80%. You’ll get there 🤘🏻

  12. second watchthrough already, been showing my parents the show actually. We're about to watch the dreaded Employee of the Month ep. wish me luck lol

  13. That Emily girl. I forget her season but her bitch act was way too over the top and clearly not her actual personality.

  14. Emily Elegado, season 5. As I understand it, that was all an act, and if you watch her on Redemption, you see a very different, more personable Emily.

  15. That’s what makes it unwatchable for me, the bad acting LOL

  16. As Oliver Peck would say, it’s sewper smewwth.

  17. Pose is da shit but man that face ain’t it

  18. I flipping love the stuff. I don't think weed has a bigger fan than me, and

  19. Just saying hi as a fellow crossover member of trees 🌳 😁🤘🏻

  20. I never used cannabis until it became legal in my state recently. It really helped me with depression and anxiety. I only use 2.5mg TCH during the day because I don’t want to feel “stoned”. I use 5mg TCH at night because this makes me very sleepy. I like the 1906 brand tablets because they’re fast acting (20 minutes), and you can buy a single tablet to try before commuting to a full bottle. I travel a lot for work and they’re easy to pack, don’t run the risk of melting the way a gummy would, and are also infused with CBD.

  21. This is an important distinction- using medical cannabis/=/getting stoned.

  22. Let's let her know it's cause her daughter look old as fuck not cause she looking young.

  23. Damn what interest you chargin on your compliments????

  24. Feel like this is most common with post-Vietnam marines. Older ones I know are relatively chill

  25. I have wrist/hand tension that flares up with mashing buttons. I use a controller and sort of slide my fingers across the buttons as opposed to pushing down and it makes a huge difference.

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