1. The Ukrainian fighters are highly motivated by using the new tools to inflict casualties on the orcs.

  2. Putler says the special military operation is now progressing according to Ukraine's plan.

  3. Putin will get more than what he wanted from this special military operation - Return Crimea to Ukraine.

  4. You just love this guy. He has risen to the challenge bought by this war hugely miscalculated by Putin.

  5. Hopefully his words are backed up by absolute actions. The evil must be stopped and defeated in Ukraine.

  6. Anytime Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons, it’s a indication Russia is losing in this war.

  7. Unfortunately to the russians and putin the dead orcs are nothing more than dead rates.

  8. Hero RIP, the free world will always honor the freedom fighters for their sacrifices in this war against the evil.

  9. Unfortunately to russian people and putler the dead orcs are nothing more than dead rats.

  10. Ukraine is no doubt winning this war even tho they may lose a few battles. The free world has invested heavily in supporting Ukraine fighting against the evil and they will continue investing that support to the day when the russians are completely driven out of Ukraine. Responding with strength is the only language understood by the terrorist state.

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