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  1. I still want that Elden Ring Golf DLC idea from a month or so ago to get made. Come on From.

  2. Yup, moonlight greatswords are given to the men who marry the Queens of Caria - you get yours when you slip the blue engagement ring onto Ranni's finger, her giving you the sword means she's accepted you as her husband and consort. And Rennala also gave Radagon his own version (and you can see when compared side-by-side how similar they are, with their visual differences actually being representative of the women themselves).

  3. From my experience, the wind up for all of the spells is too long and they usually just close the distance and beat the shit out of me lol

  4. Dragon claw can be handy, since if you’re trading the hyper armor pretty much guarantees a hit.

  5. These are all amazing, I don’t understand because I’m in the beta discord server and none of those results come anywhere close to this, they are all pretty much trash results, so... are these just great prompts or is the discord version of SD weaker than whatever you are doing here?

  6. From what I can tell most people are crafting pretty poor prompts in the public channels. I’m hoping they add private message support like midjourney soon.

  7. With how much invaders run away and hide behind monsters this is exactly what we experience. We get 5 minutes of time max between invasions and part of that is spent summoning each other. Its terrible.

  8. My advice, just ignore people who run off. They're dastards, dishonorable sorts. They'll either come after you or they'll eventually sever and you get a rune arc.

  9. You're getting downvoted but you're absolutely right, and I say that as a once-avid invader (damn you PS+! Why don't you offer student plans!). If you're a host, you don't have to chase the invaded into mobs. You don't have to fight them. Your only goal is to get to the next boss fog so unless you've been invaded in the open world you don't have to eliminate the invaded to move on. Just keep pressing forward and the invaded will either confront you or leave.

  10. I’m surprised I got downvoted, I of course don’t mean run away from invaders if they’re actually trying to fight. I also invade and kiting the hosts into enemies is certainly a good strategy but running away and camping out near the closest grafted scion or other strong enemy is not kiting. Like we aren’t going to follow you backwards through a dungeon to fight.

  11. Okay, go ahead and find me a Windows laptop that will beat the M2 pro at compile times and Blender rendering times at the same cost. You still won't be able to find one, and my point above was that even the best competition you find will have worse battery life than the M2 has for better performance. If Blender is too specific, pick literally any 3D modeling program with native M support.

  12. The Ryzen 5800H mobile processor, with 8 cores and 16 threads, beats the M1 at most productivity benchmarks, including Blender. It is commonly paired with a RTX 3060 for <$1000, which is cheaper than the lowest-tier M1 MacBook. And it can play all Steam games, no problem.

  13. Hey, good advice, thanks! For most of our engineers I think the MacBook is still the only option, since they’re remote workers and want some mobility even if it’s just to work out of their yard for the afternoon instead of their home office. But one or two folks might be interested in the Ryzen option if they’re usually at their desks.

  14. Fwiw pasting your stability discord invite link on Reddit is a fast and easy way to have your beta access revoked

  15. Yeah I remember when the 'radio' option was pretty rad, now it plays maybe 20 songs then repeats itself... Kinda like the radio does at times.

  16. Every single radio station I start from anything remotely like jazz eventually plays Freddie Freeloader from Kind of Blue and then basically switches to Freddie Freeloader Radio. There's also like 3 or 4 Madlib songs that ALSO always come up.

  17. Pretty well done article on the whole thing. The writer captured the essence of Fremer (vinyl legend but also arrogant af) pretty well in just a few lines. People who think the moral of this is “see analog snobs got fooled” will like it, but it also does take MoFI to task for lying.

  18. What's most important to me is hearing something as close to the original master as possible, and for me a DSD transfer from the tape gets that job done completely fine. It sure beats a copy of a copy of some transfer made for a remaster 20 years ago.

  19. Are each of these prompts actually in violation of the Dalle2 content policy, or is that just hyperbole for the meme?

  20. Famous people are against the TOS, but you don't actually get a warning message like this for it, it will just generate a generic face instead. You do get flagged with this message for the slightest hint of anything PG-13, though.

  21. So there's some truth to it, but the image is in fact making things up for hyperbolic purposes. Disappointing, honestly. I think it would be more effective if they showed the actual generation results since I would imagine they would obviously not be as accurate as SD's anyway. This comes across more like impotent internet foot-stamping over how OpenAI 'censors' their models.

  22. Looks like a filter you'll be able to throw on your AR glasses in ten years

  23. It’s not like that, Sinaloa is safe and people don’t live with fear at all there, highways are pretty safe too.

  24. it's so safe that OP's roommate's family needs to tell the cartel all of the details about her travel so she isn't kidnapped and murdered, of course. If not fear, what exactly compels OP's roommate's family to inform the cartel of all of their visitors and their movements?

  25. so why are the news filled with china and russia attacking other countries while american presidents are getting nobel peace awards while killing 1000x more civilians? it’s not whataboutism,its calling out hypocrisy

  26. During the Vietnam war the news media was completely full of criticisms over it. It's notorious in American culture as one of the least popular wars in Western history and one of the moments where the government and the people stood in opposition to one another, and ultimately the people forced a withdrawal from the war.

  27. Yes, that would be more intuitive, however it's said that the Erdtree is the modern aspect of the primordial crucible. Sooo it's all linked to the Greater Will. The parasite theory has been proven wrong

  28. I think you are mis-interpreting what that means.

  29. I don't think that grammatically that sentence means that the Erdtree is an aspect of the crucible. I think the hyphen is meant to point "an aspect" back at the original subject of the sentence, the spell.

  30. I will literally read an article about how bad Rob Liefeld is at drawing ANYTIME one is linked

  31. Wait so is respawning time travel? Because the bosses down seem to mention that they’ve seen us before

  32. The golden order controls causality, so maybe it’s rewriting time so you never left the site of grace.

  33. The fact that rune bears don’t drop some good loot or even a lot of souls is fucking criminal. Super difficult enemy that most people just run from because even if you want to kill it there’s no point in the amount of time and effort it takes.

  34. The snowfield one only comes out at night so you might have missed it.

  35. i’m assuming op, and myself included, are opposed to the idea of things that exist solely to kill humans in the most efficient ways possible

  36. I had a big realization about propaganda a few years ago.

  37. Stupid question since I’m from out of state, but how can Texas function in the long term like this?

  38. At the recent Texas Democrat convention, Beto noted the largest group of those donating to him was TEACHERS. Gosh, I wonder why.🙄

  39. LOL, I know, with that talk last week about the trade for Victor Boot, I'd hear people in the news talking about it like a math problem. Boot has 5 years left in his 25 year sentence for 10 years for one guy and the unknown (at the time) amount that Griner would get, so it's a good trade (they said). I feel like that talk gives legitimacy to these kind of kangaroo sentences.

  40. Also, that looks like Bumble, which profiles itself on that women have to write first when there's a match. I think it's got more feminists than Tinder.

  41. Fwiw if you're in a new city and want to meet people, Bumble has a "Friend" mode that's actually awesome. When my partner and I moved across the country a few years ago we met some of our current closest friends on Bumble.

  42. I was hoping that by posting this I could get other people’s opinion, because I’m not getting through to him. He justifies the bio by saying “I’m still getting matches. With hotter girls actually.”

  43. China names their ultimate, top of the line, hyper advanced, futuristic, bullshit propaganda missiles things like "Great Fire Dragon of Vengeance".

  44. ah yes this is our new doomsday weapon, LOCKHEED MARTIN - RAYTHEON JOINT PROCUREMENT SKU #84736

  45. What are you basing this on? Recessions come and go and plenty of companies don’t sell. Why would EA and Ubisoft want to sell because of a recession? Economies will grow back and the companies will in all likelihood become more profitable as time passes.

  46. Yeah what even is that "I am sixteen and only ever known a bull economy and never had a job" take. Ubisoft and EA already weathered the literal global financial crisis in 2008. The concept of "cashing out" at the outbreak of a bear market is fundamentally wrong, too. Share valuations are at an all time low and inflation is at an all time high, so now's the time to sell? "Sell low" is the adage for corporate M&A now? Lol

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