1. Sure buddy I didn't say anything about Pathaan. I just proved your Intial comment was a lie which it was but a fact is Vicky has 3 theater movies this year which is a fact. Hasn't had a theater movie released since his marriage, which is the true and his movie Govinda was the 2nd most watched movie in OTT again fact. Also producers are investing 600 crores on his movie again fact.

  2. Arey. He's the biggest pan india star. Superstar vicky kaushal. 600 nett hindi pakka. 70 cr opening dega apna vicky

  3. I'm sorry that one quarter German Meryl Streep's doll isn't being sold.

  4. We say that to Katrina and Deepika about Ranbir not about Vicky. Since they dodged an alcholic, known cheater that embarasses women including his own wife all the time. Don't try to bring that to Katrina. Anyways if you saw Katrina KWK last year, I am sure you did since you are a fan. Katrina and Vicky were set up by her good friend Zoya. After Vicky and Harleen broke up. So what does Harleen have to do with anything?!

  5. Why would i watch a blow up doll speak about her fake image. Thats the way to stay relevant 💀

  6. He is already so ?. Why is ranbir bought here. ? Afaik he didnt dump his gf for another woman

  7. Rishi said he keeps seeing A B C D at his house and they don't know about each other. That sounds like he was dating multiple girls and not just hookups.

  8. Arey thats casual dating - where you meet , go on date, fuck and leave. That's how deepika ranbir started. His love life was all over tabloid so if he was in a relationship it would have been covered. As explained its not a relationship. Other than 1 - 2 girls where the girls confirmed that they just were casually dating. He didn't propose or make them his gfs. He doesn't owe his loyalty .

  9. Yeah, so my point is that people around Ranbir including his own Dad did scream about it. So it makes sense why he has a Playboy image compared to other celebs.

  10. So his supposedly upcoming projects include brahmastra (ofcourse), kishore kumar biopic, ramayana, baiju bawra?

  11. Only brahmastra. But ayan is still in intial stage of writing, then pre production , then shoot. Baiju and kishore kumar isnt happening. Ramayana cast is not finalized. So that wont start soon. So lets see if he signs anything and starts anything new.

  12. Certain fans were calling his desire to take parental leave as PR and drama. And fake. Lol.

  13. I haven't heard this song yet. What should I expect before listening batao phir me sunke batata hun

  14. Rajkumar Rao is never known for giving hits. He is a great actor much better than Ranbir that's why he gets good roles.

  15. RKR wouldve had the pull if he was offered such role in a mainstream Dharma or YRF movie. Even Ayushman would've. But Ranbir got those chances coz of the reason we all know and these actors still dont get it even after being more talented than film.

  16. Its a scripted joke on kapil sharma show. People getting offended at stupid jokes now 😂

  17. honestly why does it matter now, whatever it is, he is a hardworking talented actor. I'd take him over Arjun Kapoor any day, dude has got some natural talent. This sub finds any oppurtunity to bring him down. He is connected the same way Kiara Advani is.

  18. Did kiara sob cry a fake struggler story ? This guy was crying that he didnt have money for a photoshoot so asked his dad for 40 k 😭

  19. Ranveer sleeps way more than ranbir. Maybe go ask the industry insiders. His rave party pics, holding condoms pics and numerous cheating rumors are out there lol. He's a sex addict. Sad that deepika settled for this cocaine headed sex addicted chapri. Karma i guess

  20. Deepika fan ji. Mod themselves said that this sub was started by him. So go ask them instead of doing this.

  21. There was someone on twitter who said it. But their account is private. They said it was common knowledge in the industry.

  22. Bhai her breakup happened in march 22. She was spotted at rahuls house in may 22. That guy works on the set.

  23. Well a lot of movies are written in English and then translated into Hindi. This is what one scriptwriter said.

  24. Ha not script. But dialogues specifically were written in English. Because it made more sense in English like- the warrior of light and in hindi it was- Roshni ke veer.

  25. First you need to check why people giving these titles to actors. If it is only about box office pull then why not Salman Khan is not Badshah? People calling SRK badshah because he came to industry as an outsider but start rulling it. This is people's cinema so families can't produce kings and queens. That's the same reason why people and media calling Kartik Aaryan as Prince. I never see anyone (fans,media) callling Ranbir or Varun as prince. Princess is Deepika.

  26. Which media called him prince ? Can you show which is Not from his PR. I never heard any audience calling him prince

  27. Only vistara has premium and maybe air india (can't recall). On other flights no first class. celebs are given first row or last and are boarded / deboarded on priority.

  28. Shaadi ke baad sab maa ko bhul jate hai kya

  29. He lives with his wife and daughter. Obviously he will miss them more today. Doesn't mean he doesn't love his mom.

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