1. Asami Vs Suki? Defentley Suki but Sokka stomps both

  2. Dude interacted with 99% of the cast and you want him to still do more how forced do you want him to be lol

  3. Bruh I think an interaction between a decendant of yorichi and um1 should've atleast had an conversation

  4. UM1 already interacted with his own descendant (Muichiro), much more impact in that.

  5. Floch >>>> Jean, Connie and Hange.

  6. Eh he’s shown his skills with ODM more than Hange and Connie have lmao

  7. Urokodaki - least screen time in the pic but I’m 50/50 here coz he holds a vital role in Nezuko’s hypnosis and as Tanjiro’s first mentor.

  8. i know she hadn't yet communed with her past selves but when she was asked what avatar Aang would do she should have just said "i AM avatar aang" lmao.

  9. Have you ever seen The Boys, you know that one clip with homelander.

  10. I would’ve actually liked to see her interact with Zeke more

  11. I love when earth benders bend the ground behind/under someone’s feet to throw them off balance, made me instantly love Toph in the first episode she appeared in

  12. Yawn, Aang could wipe the floor with her and without resorting to murder unlike Korra did to Unalaq.

  13. OP: Sanemi’s regular ass katana has a unique design mitsuri literally with a whip katana lol

  14. Yall could not have removed this post BEFORE it got some Indepth discussion and tons of upvotes. Jeez. . . .

  15. I always feel people in the avatar fandom throw around the word "master" a bit too willy nilly

  16. If Akaza is OP ASF, I wonder what rank tier Douma and Kokushibo should get!!

  17. Sokka should be on here but I get it he’s not a bender

  18. Aight keep enjoying Tanjiro being in coma for 12 min then.

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