1. Level 50 Alolan Sandshrew for GL. Strong in Kanto cup or other restricted metas.

  2. That’s not the sandshrew you want for GL

  3. Go into setting and enable “expanded group transfer”

  4. Bar doesn’t mean he’s lvl 50. Just max for the op level

  5. Cause like I said I searched on google for the shiny and there's different "Unovan Stunfisk shinies"

  6. Are you sure this “dark one” you’re talking about isn’t just galarian stunfisk?

  7. You can use premium passes as a raid pass

  8. What Giovanni quest are you talking about? The most recent one where he gave Latias?

  9. Yeah, I thought A shadow Mewtwo quest was meant to appear after its completion

  10. No, last shadow mewtwo quest I remember is the Kanto event. Not sure there has been another since that

  11. Interesting thank you. That's gonna spark some Chaos 😂

  12. I meant for PvE. I doubt he’ll have any Master league relevance.

  13. What I’ve seen he’s ranked pretty low as both a rock and dragon raider.

  14. You get three for free during the Fest

  15. You get three free if you paid for them

  16. Isn’t there a box with 3 remote raid passes for free?

  17. For free for people who paid for it.

  18. It’s from more than 1 person inviting people. I usually will monitor 2-3 raids until someone pops in.. then I follow suit, and boom.. 10 invites between the two of you. Or grab a friend who plays.. or there are always people on here shouting out when hosting. Good luck out there!

  19. You can also invite 10 people on your own. Invite 5. Back out of raid when someone joins. Then join again and invite another 5

  20. If it’s the only shadow cubone you’ll have during the event id at least evolve it. Just know this one doesn’t really have the IV spread for great league and even if you give him another move you still won’t be able to get the event move.

  21. Ahhhh shoot. Might as well purify and get a perfect alolan marowak then for great league. Thanks!

  22. A perfect marowak wouldn’t be great for great league. For great league you want a 0/14/14 split

  23. I had like three 90ish shadow cubones I evolved before this event came out so all I’ve been doing it trying to get another for alolan. Finally got a good one after many many cliff battles! How do I get shadow bone on this? Add a second charged attack and then evolve?

  24. You won’t be able to. Frustration already needed to be of him

  25. I know it seems like a dumb question but I just wanna make sure I’m not wasting candies

  26. Thats not a good iv split for ultra league

  27. Was just about to post a screenshot of this- does anyone know what the ‘7 remaining’ means?????

  28. I’m assuming you can buy it 7 times

  29. Oh. I'm really glad you told me that, I didn't know it rerolled the IVs. Time to get walking then I guess 😅

  30. Not only that once you trade it away you’re not allowed to trade it back. Pokémon can only be traded once

  31. It’s already a Marowak so unfortunately you’ll not be able to get the event move on it

  32. I’m in the same boat as you. Actually just posted it. I also sent a ticket in.

  33. It’s not a bug. That’s the way it works.

  34. I appreciate it, just saw him there for the 100 shard drops. I was looking at the 50 shard drops. Not sure if it's supposed to be like that

  35. I thought only Pokémon of the same species can have children? Mind you, I haven’t played since Pokémon White 2.

  36. Just has to be Pokémon of the same egg group. When it’s 2 different species the baby takes the form of the female (except when a ditto is used then it takes form of the non ditto).

  37. Are you sure about that? Never had a normal shiny mon not staying in a ball before, but might have been a coincidence.

  38. Had a shiny mega blastoise today break out of a ball so I assume it’s only legendaries.

  39. And she has very little to do with the spiderverse. She really only share a similarity in name

  40. Ya and all those characters actually have connections to the spiderverse. I’m not sure what you didn’t understand about my original comment. Spider women isn’t part of that

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