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  1. From what I read, later part of the novel have arc that the MC (Japanese) annihilating "totally not Chinese/ Korean" enemies. Also the author have made some nationalistic post.

  2. I watched the anime and in one part portray china as a horrible enemy abusing them ( I'm not saying that it isn't true).

  3. It is better when France put a bread beside the S Bread translated to french is Pain

  4. I thought it was because France betrayed Spain once by attacking them while they were in Spain.

  5. They defend themselves on their territory, it is impossible not to be among the civilians, and from the perspective of the Russians, there is no such thing as a civilian, every Ukrainian is an enemy. Ukrainians are doing what they can to keep the innocent from dying and the best they can do is win the war and everyone dies during the war

  6. So is fair to bomb civilian buildings is they can have troops there.

  7. lol how old are you 10 fair war? Shooting buildings without enemy troops is a waste of ammunition and terrorism.

  8. If they told me to attack somewhere, I'd gladly ask them to bomb it beforehand because I don't like getting shot, nor most of the people I know.

  9. Those few minutes add up too. I did the math in another comment, OP is really fucking their self over for bagels lmao

  10. As someone who doesnt live in the US, im glad that I dont need to deal with it.

  11. Cámbiate a claro o consíguete copia del contrato para denunciarlo a osiptel, di que te ofrecieron plan de 140 pero te están cobrando más.

  12. There are dildos for women modeled after animal dicks. I always thought that was strange. That there is an actual market for that.

  13. Everyone said the F11 is trash. But this plane (F11) is one of the best at that BR. So I like this jet (F4D1) anyway

  14. It’s Interesting where the tank gun is situated - says much about what the man is trying to substitute for his lack of honorable manhood.

  15. Well, they aint gonna put it on the back since its not an Archer

  16. I´m going to bet on it. I will only grind naval tasks since I can only play for max 2h per day, and with zombies it must not be that hard. Soooo let´s hope.

  17. I wish I had good aim, I'm gonna play 3.3 USSR cuz their boats curbs any boat they can see.

  18. What are these components? I play with both ACOT and AOT and I've never seen them before... probably because my game lags out before I get to them, but still

  19. Warship girls & mist species, you need to play with the united fleet origin.

  20. Defines mod. There are lots of them, each with slightly different extra features. But they all fix overflow.

  21. Rule #5: that's 3 hundred MILLION to 500 million damage. That's enough to ONE SHOT a vanillia system craft. Five times over.

  22. Laughs in 90% damage reduction and 27000000 of daily hull regen.

  23. And regen over 9,000,000 loops back to degeneration

  24. Man, I spent like 5 minutes trying to find a configuration that stopped that, because the ship would start losing hull and armor. Still, I literally tanked those monolith with a single ship without having any getting destroying with how op they were.

  25. Eso es diferente y le pasa a todas las personas que hablan más de un idioma. Pero "perderte" y hablar por 10 minutos en otro idioma porque no te diste cuenta es una mamada.

  26. A mí me ha pasado hace varios años pero con unas cuantas palabras.

  27. I really want to see a Prius with a GAU-8 now..

  28. I'm fine with war criminals lying in their own shit.

  29. He was probably an idiot who thought that he was doing something good.

  30. The Ka-Chi is not that great but it's just fun.

  31. I remember a guy trying to kill me but he ended up drowning.

  32. Thing can take a 150mm HE shell frontally and be unharmed that pontoon makes it insanly survivable.

  33. Obviously it can do that since it has slat, but it will die if hit on the turret.

  34. No it’s a terrible map, B just becomes who ever can send in a Puma, Type 87, Rooikat, any stupid fast vehicle to capture it then the other sides gets steamrolled Bc everytime they push they get destroyed. Also I’ve experienced this like twice but it was infuriating, there was an enemy tank that just sat on B and wouldn’t stop smoking it out, and Bc they were on the point they had infinite smokes. Really dumb map.

  35. I remember caping it with a heavy tank and no one even cared to be close to give any suport

  36. Si hablas inglés de forma fluida, puedes trabajar de interprete. Es algo que puedes hacer a distancia y paga bastante bien.

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