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  1. For some people campuses can make or break a university decision but I wasn't one of those people. Ik one of my friends was tho. At least for me I just started looking online at programs and just exploring University websites and University reputations to see what and where I was interested in and what I was not. I only ended up exploring the Waterloo campus because I was pretty sure I was going to go there.

  2. I don't know if bored is the right word but I am kind of over it.

  3. Probably a grad student, did undergrad at waterloo and is now doing graduate work

  4. Yeah so basically if you connect your bank account in Quest they'll put the money in your account sometime in the middle of next term. If not, the scholarships will be applied to your next term's tuition.

  5. If you have transportation and have good availability try African lion Safari. They have good hours and good benefits and management is pretty nice. Ik giant tiger in Preston is also hiring in store.

  6. If you ended up choosing ENBUS, lmk if you wanna be apart of an ENBUS gc on insta:)

  7. If you ended up choosing ENBUS and want to be part of an ENBUS gc lmk :)

  8. Before I answer I want to know what degree you end up with, whether that be a BA or BSc. For both programs btw

  9. I would go with food and nutriton. There are way too many people getting psychology degrees, for most psychology jobs you need a masters or a PhD

  10. I think McMaster nursing is the most well-known

  11. Doesn't look fried so I think you're out of the clear

  12. I love your bird and your laugh so much.

  13. Well that is mad nice thank you so much

  14. Keep in mind that tomorrow is the last day for the universities to send out any offers. That being said I think McMaster nursing is very very popular and is very well known. Wait it out till like midnight tomorrow and then if there's no response I would accept Toronto metropolitans offer.

  15. I would say Co-op matters a lot in today's world. Co-op means experience as well as getting paid and experience is so valuable. So you should definitely be going somewhere that has a co-op integrated into the program. Right now your Best Bets are Carleton or Laurier. Since you want to combination of business and IT, your best bet is probably Laurier. That means you'd be In Brantford. It's a smaller city with Cambridge, Kitchener and Guelph being 30+ minutes away. Can't give you any information on the courses or the program itself because I'm not in it but, I'm telling you what I know.

  16. I just want to let you know that most people don't stay in Residence after first year. they tend to find off-campus housing which can be much cheaper.

  17. i would definitely go for ottawa i’ve heard really good things about this program as it as really high success rate and really nice labs at the school i have heard some bad things about the western program about having most of the classes being online and teaching too much theory and not enough hands on learning

  18. Okay I'm glad other people have heard the bad things about Western to.. I seen someone make a post about that and then I've been worried for people who are going to Western nursig ever since. I wanted to basically put in the same reply you did but, I was afraid someone was going to call me out but, it's good to know other people have heard the bad things about Western.

  19. Pretty sure you have to apply residence on your own and it has a deadline so you might want to look into that ASAP.

  20. I use bro and dude as a gender neutral term. But if I know somebody is lgbtq plus and they don't enjoy being called that word or it could make them feel awkward I try to specifiy that I'm not using it in a gender-specific way.

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