1. knowing that there is a break next week i don't exclude that Oda will torture us with a cliffhanger of Luffy vs Kaido (and the biggest torture if after the break Oda doesn't go back to Luffy vs Kaido and move to sthg else XD )

  2. theres no break until after chapter 1025

  3. Just know that I think every single one of us feels the same.

  4. how do you deal with being treated like you’re faking it? i feel like my family is doing that and it’s starting to somewhat make me think i am faking it? if that makes sense? i know i’m not but now there’s like a lurking worry that i could be after what my brother keeps telling me

  5. Half bone half flesh? Or half bone half ghost?

  6. half bone half bone, you know how it is

  7. I'm in the same boat. The previous ones were quite a bit easier, for me. Any chance you could help me. I don't want the answer, maybe just pointed in the right direction.

  8. It’s a significant date in his life

  9. I’d reccomend getting the RRTK anki deck and just going through that, because you’ll learn the kanji in a better way and you’ll easily recognise them once you get back into Duolingo/Memrise. Tbh there’s no time when you can’t be ready to learn kanji, you just gotta jump into it

  10. I don’t think that analogy works at all

  11. I’d definitely learn Katakana now

  12. I'm not sure I understand, can you break down what you actually did?

  13. I think he created and rendered the box in 3d space

  14. I'm watching rebel, she didn't die in the end of S2?? I am starting S3 now btw.

  15. keep watching, it’s clarified later in the show

  16. [UserBenchmarks: Game 31%, Desk 45%, Work 26%](

  17. March 18 is my birthday so I’m super happy we are getting news! Actually PS5 news any day is awesome

  18. it's my birthday tomorrow thats pretty cool

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