1. I'll take your non-queer opinion to heart, thanks.

  2. Ratio'd and gutted. You destroyed me, what a response. Get this man a silver

  3. My frustration comes from you forcing your opinion on me, not the skins gender. If you had just said “I personally think …” I would have been fine. But it’s the fact you said it in a way that is forced. Most people don’t like it when others force their feelings on them

  4. Who else wanted to see him step on it and watch it pop like a juicy cherry

  5. Golden Freddy feels more like a myth to me personally

  6. That's interesting, because personally I feel the exact opposite, Yellow Bear sounds like an mysterious urban legend, Golden Freddy sounds like a rare shiny pokemon

  7. I see it a little differently. I agree yellow bear sounds like some sort of myth, but I can’t lie that when I hear the name yellow bear, I do just think of a yellow bear. Freddy is just a bear, but his name is Freddy. The name Golden Freddy seems more mythological and mysterious to me because it’s not like they’re just saying he’s a yellow bear, the name Freddy gives him individuality instead of just being a variant of an animal

  8. I don’t know what it is specifically but I agree with you

  9. I was gonna say be nice to him but then I saw Adolf Fortnite Hitler 💀 nvm

  10. Don’t think it don’t say it don’t think it don’t say it don’t think it don’t say it

  11. I don’t think she is implying that we need more female shooters (obviously lol). I think she is a feminazi who is focusing on the idea of men being the most violent and aggressive out of the two which is, yea, true. But she’s just kinda ignoring the fact females have held and killed people with firearms

  12. And tomorrow regardless of result you will still be speaking our language…

  13. Crazy how they say we speak incorrectly when Americans are just former English people who did and still do speak a language named “English”

  14. Obviously. Nobody cares about global warming THAT much, where they would literally hang themselves to make a change. If there are people who would do that, they need mental help.

  15. Wow. Just fucking wow. This shit makes me want to kill myself.

  16. That’s so sad… ❤️ I really hope you’re okay

  17. ☹️ parental issues. Pretty sure my mothers neglect affects me somehow. I just don’t know how and why yet.

  18. I don’t wanna say it’s true, but…

  19. Mad scientist? Thought it was dream 💀

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