Months ago, my jerk nephew kicked me in the ankle after having surgery, and laughed about it knowing it was painful. I hid a few empty beer cans under his bed. Today his mom found them. He's grounded for the summer.

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  1. The core gameplay loop/questing is what remains to be seen. The combat looks like it will be in a good spot by launch with what we saw. Now what matters is the game being fun to play and the world building actually being awesome and impactful. I believe they can do it! But I will remain cautiously optimistic.

  2. Personally full action combat mmos just don't feel good. That type of combat works better for more single player oriented games. Hopefully a nice mix will make the combat impactful and fun but also give the devs more options in regards to boss mechanics and such.

  3. Fella thinks gay people talking about being gay is analogous to paedophilia yet an actual paedophile having sex with an actual child needs defending

  4. Just curious, as I’m currently proscribed an SNRI (pristiq) and wanted to begin microdosing. Is it truly necessary to ween off the antidepressant first before beginning? Again, not an SSRI.

  5. Might be a question better asked of someone that isn't a random redditor...

  6. You posted that 3 minutes after the other guy said he wasn't qualified. So you saw OP respond to the question, then you decided to respond with basically the same sentiment, but without it being your original idea.

  7. Or, and engage your pea brain for a second here, perhaps I opened the thread before that comment was posted and since comments don't update continuously I never saw it.

  8. Remember when going into the military was just for the dedicated and the hardened? The men and women who were willing to lay down their lives for all of us back home. The military used to be something more. Now they’re becoming woke just like the rest of society and it hurts so much to see the greatest military in the world being invaded by a bunch of people who can’t even live with being called something they don’t like? Where did we go wrong?

  9. What? When was this ever the case? The military is open to any yahoo that waddles along for the most part.

  10. In my save Leipzig bought Lucca and Sesko in the same window and they've remained there for the last 6 years as one of the most devastating attacks in the league. Only them and bayern give me any grief

  11. Best part is if he claims he has no idea how they got there it just proves how out of hand his drinking problem has gotten

  12. TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT. YEAH! Inside the box outside the box whatever man just keep bringing me that!

  13. I'm watching this for the first time and got to the riot scene in s5. By far my favorite scene of the whole series. The escalation and Magnitudes POP POP was so damn funny.

  14. When I was in grad school it was House, M.D. No matter where I was at - dorm room, library, memorial union - if I was writing I also House up on Netflix. During my year and a half I bet I watched that series 5 or 6 times. Such a great show.

  15. Supreme update power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical corporate ceremony! You can't expect to wield supreme update power just 'cus some ashy tart lobbed Git login credentials at you!

  16. You're good. Check the image under the "There's nothing wrong with this guitar" section.

  17. I mean it seems fine? But I'm only a beginner so I could be completely wrong

  18. I've got a young backup keeper that I barely use so obviously he only gets minutes in cup games, but between those points is it okay to have him play in the u19 games or is the training he'd receive on those match days outshine the benefits he'd get from playing at a lower level?

  19. This game was DOA. I'm shocked anyone still plays it tbh.

  20. Waiting for the image of them signing the license with the caption "what a signing"

  21. When a highlight results in my strikers in a 1v1 there's a 90% chance they'll miss. When a highlight results in the opponents striker in a 1v1, it's almost guaranteed to be a goal. So fucking annoying.

  22. It is funny how people treat open world pvp, to use an extreme example, like communism.

  23. Here is the thing open world pvp has worked. The problem is a lot of companies do a really bad job of moderating it.

  24. No no I agree. I'm cautiously optimistic that the corruption system and the teams moderation going forward will make it fun and not make the player feel utterly hopeless, but until we've seen it in action I remain unconvinced.

  25. Yeah dudes a beast. Only times I can be beat bayern in my save is when he's not playing.

  26. If you were to combine every meme about what boys cry about, boys cry a lot.

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