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  1. He had such raw sex appeal. We really tend to underestimate how big of a sex symbol he was back in the day, he was basically the John Lennon of escape artists.

  2. I am unaware of any radio that uses true (up to the spec) USB-C charging. All the ones that I'm aware of require a USB-A to USB-C cable. This has to do with the manufacturer failing to include two resistors. These radios will NOT work with a USB-C to USB-C cable.

  3. There are a few different topics ITT and I don't have a USB-C HT to experiment on, so I must ask. Would you mind elaborating (or post a link) on the two resistors? I'll google vigorously after posting this.

  4. Last year my wife saw both Google and Apple cars prowling around mapping.

  5. The hottest spot north of Havana? I wasn't aware of that one, thx. I haven't been to the Tropical Hut in a long time, and found out about A to Z Pets while Gooooogling around. I'm not sure Pets on Broadway is big on turtles. I don't remember seeing any on my many trips to the Fish Room.

  6. Tortoises are terrible pets. They live 50+ years and require space. If you’re set on this, check Craigslist for someone who didn’t account for these things and is dumping one.

  7. Thank you for the link. I reached out to Northwest Tortoise before making this post. I appreciate the good advice. I've never had a pet that wasn't a rescue or from the humane society so we're on the same page.

  8. They aren't struggling to adjust to gravity. They hopped around because it was easier. Some clips are of them tripping and falling. Others they are goofing around. They did lose their balance a couple of times, possibly more because of the suits than gravity, but they had trained for this. Mission Control wouldn't be laughing if they were struggling.

  9. Our neighborhood emergency teams are on GMRS so we need both GMRS and ham. No license necessary to only listen. Get cheap radios, program them, and treat them like scanners. Or get a scanner.

  10. Stick that needle in any deeper and they’ll get the ones on the other side of the face at the same time.

  11. I will allow this. I really really really don’t like colorized photos. With that said (and others have said), this is the best colorization I’ve seen. If I had only seen the colorized version I wouldn’t have felt I missed seeing the original b/w print.

  12. You should have asked them. If they are a radio enthusiast their five hour answer would have been fascinating.

  13. It’s possible to be friends with someone without agreeing with their politics. I know, I know, I was shocked when I figured that out, too.

  14. Be friends? Yes. Make new friends? No. Be around folks flying the confederate or nazi party flags or any other hate symbol in 2022? Hard pass. Plastic testicles on trailer hitches? Cautiously optimistic.

  15. Health professional, there is no way that is the skin of a 3 year old. Before you all lose your shit remember, if it's on the internet and you can't verify it, it's not true.

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