1. The House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill. Creepy dolls! Creepy taxidermy art! Creepy puppets! Creepy everything. Bleah. Can’t un-imagine some of that. I read it the same week as another scary book (Sundial, Catriona Ward) and they combined for an extra-creepy lucid dream. (I was extremely relieved when my alarm went off one morning; the dream was somewhat lucid and I clearly remember thinking “Oh, good, I’m dreaming and I don’t ACTUALLY have to figure out what to do about the reanimated grizzly bear skeleton in the basement. Wake up now!”)

  2. Eek. NTA. It sounds like you all previously agreed that you would stay and specifically do very helpful things. And of course people can change minds - you never know how you’ll feel after having a baby until you have the baby - but there are also about 973 different ways to convey that other than saying “we only want family” to…a family member. “I’m so sorry, we do appreciate your help but she’s very uncomfortable/in a lot of pain/completely exhausted/feeling very self-conscious/breastfeeding and not wanting to wear a shirt at all/embarrassed about suddenly snoring very loudly for some reason/is having terrible anxiety…” Like, make something up before implying that your own daughter is not a part of the family.

  3. I reread parts of my favorite ones every once in a while and sometimes pick up something new. (For me, this means 3, 5, The Wind Through the Keyhole, and 7.)

  4. IKR! When I was a kid and got tested for allergies, my allergist asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I just shrugged and he asked if I'd thought about being a veterinarian. With the way he said it, I go "I guess not, now." His response? "Oh, good! That'd be a death sentence for you."

  5. I got tested back in the days of scratch testing, and one time I remember asking my mom, “WHAT is going on on my back right now?” (one spot was super itchy) and she looked and said, “Wow. You’re REALLY allergic to dogs and moderately allergic to cats. Way more than trees.” (Which we kind of knew already, based on symptoms when visiting relatives with pets.) I took that under advisement when dating later, because my allergies also cause asthma flare-ups, so I definitely couldn’t live with someone with furry pets.

  6. NTA. But next time get her something with lots of caffeine and sugar before you drop her off! See how your sister likes that…

  7. Yikes! Sorry to hear that. I hope it clears everything up! I got an ear infection during half training once, and I’m allergic to the ‘cillins so my doctor said, “Hm, I don’t like Z-paks as much for ear infections - do you mind Cipro? There is a slight risk of tendon rupture.” And I said, “Oh gosh, how slight? I know I don’t look it but I’ve been running 20-25 miles a week lately…” and she actually went and reviewed the stats and came back to say yes, probably we’d better do the Z-pak instead. Happily it worked.

  8. NTA and wow, his coworker is being extremely inappropriate and he is being inappropriate right along with her. How did it even happen that she is sending him home with meals? Who even DOES that (besides her, obv)?

  9. NTA. Reminds me of a story my dad told when I was in high school - he worked at a different high school, in a rather ritzy area, and overheard a student complaining that she’d gotten a damn Infiniti for her birthday, instead of the new Ford Explorer she’d wanted. (This was the early 90s and SUVs were just starting to become very trendy in our area.)

  10. Is that a regional thing crashers cars, my parents called them hoopty?

  11. This one sounded VERY intriguing to me and I couldn’t wait to read it. Parts of it were pretty interesting, but overall I was disappointed.

  12. My kids asked what I thought of the movie and the first thing I said was, “I have some concerns about someone with a photographic memory having read the Darkhold. It’ll never really be gone…” (I’m not familiar with the comics, but we all really liked Agents of SHIELD, which had a Darkhold arc one season, and were all hollering at Wanda to NO PUT IT DOWN after WandaVision.)

  13. I 100% recommend a Flip Belt. It keeps my phone up against my body without it bouncing around in a pocket. I used to run with it in my hand, but the belt is so much more comfortable.

  14. Definitely Flip Belt. Holds phone, keys, inhaler, and the occasional packet of Sport Beans nicely. It’s also a good support for those of us who do not have abs of steel.

  15. A puffer… coat? How cold is it where you run? And does the coat not have pockets?

  16. I liked The Anubis Gates better, but this one was good. Also The Stress of Her Regard and its sequel!

  17. The Shannara series. Loved them as a child. Couldn’t get 20 pages into them as an adult. I can’t even say why, really. Just didn’t do it for me anymore.

  18. That happened to me too. Some series work well as nostalgia reads for me, some made me think “Whew, that sure flew over my head back then,” but with the Shannara series I thought “Wait, what did I even like about these?”

  19. Lol your name! I sometimes have to pay attention to my shoulders/core when running on cold, windy days, otherwise I find myself slightly hunching over against the cold and end up sore.

  20. A skillet slid out of a cabinet while I was cooking and fell on my foot. Bruised a toenail and made running very uncomfortable for several days.

  21. NTA. I had a migraine last week and still felt a bit off the next day. I can’t imagine having to spend it sitting in church, with sunlight shining through stained glass reminding me of my recent migraine aura, listening to the handbell choir and all the loud organ music with a residual headache. (I think my stomach flipped over just typing that.)

  22. While Utopia Avenue was not my favorite, it’s still a great read. David Mitchell can do no wrong.

  23. I recommend morning run, afternoon donation, and rest the next day or two. Otherwise yes, my pace and endurance are hosed for a couple of days.

  24. When I’m officially training for a half I usually run up to 11-12 miles. Anecdotally, though, once I signed up for a full, and due to many life factors I just could not run longer than 16 miles that fall so I switched to the half. That was certainly the easiest half I ever ran, since I ran it after having like five 16-mile training runs.

  25. When my friend and I planned a quick 5K run together after work; she suggested the route but hadn’t run that way in a while, and underestimated the distance. So there we were talking away and then looked at our watches and said, “Huh, we have more than two miles in, why haven’t we turned around yet?” We ended up running almost five miles instead, and all I could think of was, when I first started running it was a GIANT HUGE DEAL to be able to run two miles without stopping, and here we’d run two EXTRA miles and I’d had no problems at all.

  26. If you like The Stand, you will love Under the Dome.

  27. Or you might not (I didn’t, alas). There are three of his books I really DIDN’T like (there’s a common theme among them) and this was one of them.

  28. Tommyknockers, Under the Dome and Dreamcatcher. Lol

  29. I just read The House of Small Shadows by Adam Nevill. That was a weird one. Unreliable narrator, creepy puppets, and disturbing taxidermy art installations. I kind of wish I hadn’t read it due to some lingering mental images, which I suppose means that he did a grand job as a horror author.

  30. If you like Tanis and The Black Tapes, you'll probably like Archive 81. It's very different to the Netflix adaptation.

  31. I listened to The Black Tapes and a couple seasons of Within the Wires while running. Hm, I should finish that. And I also listened to Limetown a long time ago.

  32. Yes! It starts out sort of goofy & gets progressively more disturbing as it goes on. And when you're forced to describe it as "a book about a haunted IKEA" people don't understand just how dark it is

  33. I’ll have to read that one. The same thing happened with The Southern Bookclub’s etc. I laughed my ass off reading the first couple chapters, because it started out sort of goofy as well, and suddenly it was a very creepy exploration of The Demons Within Us All.

  34. Yeah it’s pretty widely read and also from a decorated writer

  35. Repent, Harlequin! Also, Jeffty is five… I’ve found a bunch of Ellison stories in various anthologies throughout the years. They haven’t always been my favorites (except “Jeffty is Five,” for some reason), but they are memorable.

  36. The key paragraph of Pet Sematary. Emphasis is mine...

  37. Someone does do the pentagram thing in one of King’s short stories. Definitely can’t trust the devil.

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