1. Hmm I am unsure whether clothing that follows your personal line will necessarily reveal accomodations... because I think accomodations are also linked to the kind of ease decisions that work best for your body, and thats a partly visual/sensory thing that goes beyond merely a closely fitted moulage.

  2. I had read it from a source I thought was reliable, unfortunately I don't remember exactly where and what it said but that's how I interpreted it. To explain myself better (if I understood correctly) the meaning is: if you have clothes made to measure for you, they already accommodate what you need.

  3. yeah, I totally understand that clothing correctly tailor made for your body in a literal sense, accommodates your personal line...

  4. I don't know the answer but you're right, what you're saying makes sense. I probably misunderstood what I read on this matter.

  5. I envision this dress looking the best on someone smallish (because of how small the sleeves are and their cut) and yin, thinking SG in particular.

  6. It makes me think of SG recs more - crisp curve. I am not sure if the upper part works for upper curve as it seems a bit stiff.

  7. I seem to remember DK himself said that Sew your kibbe is not accurate at all, it was mentioned in an old post. I don't remember the explanation but it said the advice wasn't right

  8. It’s interesting, because while it seems like there is overlap, I’m not sure if that is the case in reality. I would never really consider TR for myself, despite my double curve line sketch. SC would be the second possibility, not TR. SGs are narrow, but not as narrow as TR. I think the comparison David has nails it and I’m not sure I can explain it better. The essence is also very different.

  9. Thanks, yes that's weird, because once I know the id (in the case of celebrities, or myself, I'm almost certain of my id) the difference becomes obvious, mostly in essence. But when I have doubts, about myself or about other people, I can't tell them apart. And I see that it is common to confuse them for other people as well.

  10. I’m so glad I could help! I’m a visual person too, so whenever I see something that helps it “click” for me, I file it away for future examples.

  11. Sorry for butting in and answering too😅 I too thought it would be nice to have more comparisons like this, your comments are always very helpful. Maybe about those types that are often mistaken, r and sn, tr and sg... for the petite there are so many doubts especially when there are "guess the celebrity" posts

  12. Thank you so much❤ I'll try it definitely, ı'm going to tag you as soon as I buy something similar 🥰

  13. Thank you for telling us about your trip, it is very interesting 😊. I'm in a similar situation too, I settled for sg after years of going between tr and fg. I'm very similar to you and I know I'm petite and have narrowness, that's why I ruled out sg for a long time (I saw more similarities between tr and fg, sg looked so different to me), now I didn't decide to settle for sg but why I'm sick of these insecurities.

  14. I didn't exactly exclude sg. I would rather say I'm in the gamine family because I'm benefit from softness and I'm fg by silhouette.

  15. Thanks, I misunderstood. I don't know your height, I'm very short and I was wondering if petitness might be prevalent at this height.

  16. Not wider, pronounced. SG is a combination of opposites. They're yin in size and yang in frame with added yin. Since they have yang frames their curves are more pronoucned. Whereas TR is yin with a slight yang undercurrent. Honestly, the biggest difference between the two is essence.

  17. Yes "pronounced", my English is really bad... Yes I actually settled for Sg because it seems the most obvious to me, even if it doesn't match in some things. For example, I periodically notice that I'm narrow and I don't have pronounced curves (I look more like the verified tr in this sense). I actually believe that SG curves are more pronounced than TR, not pronounced at all. It's relative I believe. I've read a lot about the differences between the two but I still don't know who I am, so cyclically I discover new doubts hehe

  18. Oh, English isn't your first language, sorry about that. I just wanted to make that distinction since you used wider.

  19. Unfortunately I couldn't do the exercises because I didn't understand them, the translator didn't help me either ( the punctuation!!! sarcasm).

  20. This is just a vague idea that probably needs to be workshopped... but I'm actually wondering if typing posts come back, it would be good to have an even higher standard for them, as in, they need to be fully clothed and in a complete outfit of some kind?

  21. I don't know if it's just my problem, but I notice that lately many continue to confuse the height limit and declare themselves petite well over the limit. Perhaps the disinformation should be controlled. maybe some posts write to me could help with this? even if I'm fundamentally against it

  22. I think people get really confused between Kibbe petite vs. conventional petite (as well as Kibbe curve vs. conventional curve) that contributes a lot to this

  23. Some comments I read weren't confused, they were people convinced they are a petite Id knowing they were over the limit. But I agree that many are confused, perhaps explaining in "type me" post these fixes will be disseminated (also with an automatic comment that reminds this)

  24. I tried my best to find as many examples as I could. Some aren’t as wide cut or palazzo in style though:

  25. Thank you very much, in fact I only found tight, short pants... obviously they are difficult to match. I had in mind many Trs with this style but I couldn't find any sg.

  26. Who is she? I think I look pretty similar in wide pants (not saying it looks good either 😆) and I'm stuck between SG and R.

  27. It happened to me too when I posted a sketch. Just an abstract outline drawing (a long time ago, already reported)

  28. Sorry then why isn't it used for Tr, which is small and petite anyway? is it a different shade?

  29. I think TR has more “flow” to their shape. It has to do with the difference between TR and SG visually. It’s very hard to explain.

  30. The energy is very different, and while both can have Double Curve and Petite, it looks different too:

  31. I’d read the whole description; I think it provides better context than I can:

  32. Sorry I explained badly, I meant different movies, not two actresses in the same movie, so it looks more interesting actually... i'll look it up thanks 😊

  33. I’m the opposite, I feel naked without them! Have you tried small-medium hoop earrings? They’re my go-to accessories

  34. Thanks for replying, I've never tried small hoops but I will! Maybe it's a matter of habit. Meanwhile I noticed that Winona Ryder (the sg style I'm most comfortable with) hardly ever wore them when she was younger, maybe it's a matter of personal style, what do you think?

  35. Yes. Very. As a teenager I loved wearing quirky earrings (think little owls or little sunglasses or sports balls and stuff like that) but as an adult I would never do that. I thought of wearing more statement colorful stuff but I don't care for that. So now I'm only wearing some small (1,5 cm) hoops.

  36. thanks, that's right, I can't wear them either... I'm better off without them. I've never tried a small circle but I will

  37. I find I only really like earrings that are very close to the ear. If there’s any dangle it had to be very small, like a small pearl or something.

  38. Interesting thanks, I'll look into it. In retrospect, the ones that don't fit me may have been too big, even if they were close to the earlobe

  39. Me too!😳 I think i'm sg, the make up has to be a bit defined, too blurry doesn't look good. I usually outline the eye with dark brown and blend, like a soft smoky eye

  40. I feel like I don’t have the mysterious magnetic energy they have. I think most people can see me and gauge my personality pretty easily; gentle, easy going, innocent, naïve, someone even said I was too pure for this world.

  41. From your description it seems like you get it, but I don't want to sway you, it's your journey. In my opinion the difference between r and sn is that the latter are more down to earth, approachable, a kind of kindness that is more cheerful than sweet. I see it that way but of course that's just my opinion. It is difficult to describe an essence.

  42. Yes that’s mainly what I meant. I think SNs and Rs have a very similar essence, which is why they can look almost identical sometimes, but it’s that approachable essence that sets them apart. It’s something I don’t think I have, I don’t want anyone to think I’m bashing SNs.

  43. yes I understand you, I was afraid even to describe the r haha. I can think of descriptions that are too specific and I don't know if they are correct. In any case I feel the same as you, if you feel like this you are probably closer to the family r... wish you the best of luck in finding your id

  44. I think Siren or Enigma sounds like a good mix for you. However it’s not about aesthetics. It’s about the motivation. Your reasoning changes with each archetype even if they’re in the same quadrant. While you say you like to dress to impress you also say being revealing is important or you’re interested in those clothes. So Siren has more of a boldness and they are calculated with a consistent look. Enigma can go up and down and is the lowest “Up” you can go, meaning it straddles the down side. The wildflower is the left down that straddles the up line for comparison. Because you feel you can go up and down, enigma is the most likely but you can also explore Siren to confirm it. Check out Rita’s YouTube breakdown or search on here for the siren and enigma’s style logic to further confirm your type.

  45. Thanks, I will definitely explore the other archetypes, for now I have looked better at enigma precisely because I felt more attracted to this one. For the rest maybe I didn't explain myself well, I'm not a native speaker, I wasn't looking so much at the final aesthetic, but that there were enveloping elements, soft elements (etc.) that corresponded precisely to the words I had selected. In any case, I'll start studying the other archetypes, starting with the ones you suggested :)

  46. Maybe the Enigma ? Mysterious, a bit down and hidden... That sounds like enigma ^^

  47. Thanks, interesting! Yes, enigma is the one that most attracted my intention when I read, I have to study the other archetypes a bit

  48. I know others may not see it, but do you see yourself as charming and magnetic? And that you are potentially holding back this energy you have…perhaps you are subconsciously trying to make another character fit? Perhaps one that isn’t quite innate?

  49. It’s a long process- I think we can all relate to where you are. I personally don’t feel confident in my understanding of either SG and TR to confidently say one way or the other. If I look at Winona Ryder and Thandiwe Newton they both have a calmness, but their innate qualities especially in their eyes, you can that fire.

  50. Thank you! You're right, there's something I can't define in their expressions, it's probably that characteristic I see in me that I thought wasn't "spitfire". I found some photos of Natalie Woods where you can clearly see this calm and seriousness (chic?), in the TR there is something different. I truly believe that these topics are leading me on the right path 😊

  51. This is sassy chic! That's the vibe you give me... you remind me of Leslie Caron too 😊

  52. It says "if you answers are dominant column D and/or" -- the fact that it says 'OR' (to me) means dominant D was meant for TR. Like if someone got all D answers, for example.

  53. It makes sense but since TR is not a pure category it shouldn't have had a letter of its own. If there was no D, TR was E with some A. It would have been the same.

  54. My understanding is that TR is not a pure category, so you must have a mix of yin (D and/or E) responses and some yang (A) responses, this is the yang undercurrent.

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