1. I haven't canceled. I am annual and mine has not shipped yet although I find it usually takes a few days longer to ship when I don't shop add ons with my box.

  2. Lol I just ordered one off temu for $2.49

  3. Okay you convinced me 🙈 I am 4.5 months pregnant and work on my feet 5-6 days a week in a kitchen. My feet are definitely telling me I need this in my box!

  4. So what do I keep? The fabric shaver (easily replaceable), the back stretcher (easily replaceable), or the mini humidifier (that prob won’t work) …..decisions decisions

  5. Keep the back stretcher. Fabric shaver is such a CHEAP item to be in category 2. It's insane to me. Mini humidifier would be useless in an avg sized room and sales on legit sized humidifiers are around the corner for holidays.

  6. I am not overly concerned about expired products. I'm guessing a lot of stores sell expired products, too. Heck, I probably have expired products in my stockpile. I am grossed out by products that have gotten rancid, though.

  7. A lot of stores do indeed sell expired products! I just recently got expired sheet masks from an ulta order and I've seen expired products on CVS and Target shelves. Sephoras been called out for having 3+ year old products on their sale section too.

  8. I mean it is their forum, that why you go to reddit to complain or learn about the drama. But honestly, I have been a member for a couple of years, and I can say that I have had a few problems, but they have always made efforts to resolve them, sometimes above and beyond. To me, what gets my loyalty isn't being perfect, but what one does after they make a mistake. Fff tries to pass on savings by buying in bulk but forecasting models are not perfect and the past couple of years nobody could have predicted. I am still using my mary Kay satin hands from 2009, so I guess that I care less about expiration dates than most.

  9. I feel as you. Plus maybe I'm just lucky but im one of the few that actually like getting at least a few skincare items per box plus some from edit sales and I haven't been burned a single time 🤷‍♀️ I've had 1 toner have a short shelf life (8 month exp from purchase) but that's it. FFF isn't the only company that will (unknowingly or not) sell expired merchandise. The same can be criticized of Ulta and Sephora with clearance (and even on the shelf) products and if you don't catch it in time to return theyre not gonna give you courtesy credits for later 🤣

  10. This stuff is amazing! I love it and yes it is pricey, but worth it. Definitely don’t use it in the shower because the steam triggers something in it that makes it burn. I use it once to twice a week and have absolutely no issues. I also use the resurfacing toner and daily face wash in this line

  11. I think its might be the enzyme component of the exfoliant that makes it burn in the shower! I've noticed the same thing but hardly any burning when I use it at night before bed.

  12. I am getting the beige pillow to because I have beige suede pillows that shape and size already. The hourglass in If only (been wanting to try this since it came out!) Laneige lip treatment (love laneige products in general) Pill organizer (useful, cute and I might actually use it lol) fab bundle (add to part of my teachers xmas gift boxes) and the ouai bundle because my daughter and I always need good clarifying shampoos.

  13. I just know that Ouai will not be in Category 6... it would be too good to be true. So I am NOT getting my hopes up.

  14. It is rumored to be actually! I am hoping for it because I can always use backup clarifying shampoos.

  15. I was referring to the essential oils that are ingredients in the overall product. From the description there are at least three.

  16. I've used it. Liked it but not sure if I would buy again. As a category option it is one of my possible choices if they don't have the ouai throw back.

  17. I feel like you can also find measuring cups, rolling pins, spatulas, etc. for under $10. That's what irks me.

  18. Yes exactly this. The only time I chose kitchen Utensils was the sur la table last winter and WAYYY back when they had the copper measuring spoons.

  19. Ugg throw hands down. Holds up to multiple washings, and is the perfect weight/warmth to the Unhides.

  20. YES these are soo good and come in different weights too! I usually catch them on sale at kohls =)

  21. I've bought faux fur throw blanket sized ones at cvs during winter time and at TJmaxx. The Cvs ones are the same size as the box ones and were $20 and I usually stocked up when they were bogo50. Tjmaxx has the same size ones in different brands and also some that at longer (usually 70") and they're usually around $16-18. I've never seen a large queen sized one but maybe I've just never came on the right day since TJMaxx is YMMV.

  22. I pre boiled mine in a pot for 10 minutes before throwing in the dryer. Ppl also throw in the wash on warm or hot then dry but since I almost exclusively wash on cold except for towels I do mine in a pot which is how I felted up my homemade dryer balls.

  23. I think more don’t than do. Part of the issue is they act like people in their mid 30s look like the crypt keeper, so when you see actual 35 year olds who look young because 35 is young, it gives the idea that they must have had work done.

  24. Yes and the ppl who are getting it done are (mostly) ppl who are freaking out over the BAREST faintest hint of a wrinkle and promptly over correct with botox.

  25. One comment said they don’t believe anyone over 30 without wrinkles hasn’t had botox. Oh sweaty, I’m the ripe old age of 30 and havent a single wrinkle, no botox needed!

  26. Or genetics. Lol in my family most of the women are wrinkle free until we hit 60s and then BAM instant 20 year aging with wrinkles seemingly overnight. (Sample size: 11 aunts on one side plus over dozen cousins between the ages of 40 and 65)

  27. Congrats! I LOVE exfolikate and it's totally worth the value for me.

  28. How about if you've never really used a chemical exfoliant?

  29. You'll want to build up your tolerance if you've never used a chemical exfoliant before. Start with less than a minute before rinsing off and no more than once a week. Don't use any other actives that day if you usually do unless you know you have pretty tolerant skin. Build up to 2 full minutes and up to twice a week over time. I usually use it just once a week for the full 2 minutes as I find that's all my skin needs.

  30. I think for the fall box you're better off waiting for a 40% off to roll around and creating another seasonal account. That way you can at least choose 4 of the items and it's not a complete crapshoot. The spongelles are a good deal. I only see them cheaper when ipsy does a bundle of 3 for $12 but their delivery is shit (worse than fff IMO) so I would not trust them for gifting purposes.

  31. I love mine too. My autistic son loves his. I use it for his facial massages to help him build stronger muscles around his mouth so he can learn to talk

  32. Wow that sounds like a fantastic use for it! Now I really want one for my son!

  33. He posts a lot of wrong information too for a “cosmetic chemist”

  34. I thought he was an esthetician honestly by the kinds of posts he does until he stated he was a cosmetic chemist. Does he have credentials?

  35. I love this chopper! I've used it half a dozen times for shallots/garlic which are a pain for me. Not so great with stiff veg like carrots but idc. All I wanted it for was shallots and garlic and my DH uses it for onions.

  36. OMG. Not that he actually looks like him but something about the way his face is gives me these strong vibes!!

  37. My front bits can get even straighter than yours so you're not alone! Also my hair is very coarse and long so it can dry practically straight with me laying on it and then my under/back layers look like yours and can vary between very loose to some ringlets. I do occasionally color treat but my hair has behaved like this most of my adult life and this is more than partially due to me always pulling my hair back at least half the day for work and home life. I find cutting my front layers help some but don't alleviate it a lot.

  38. The hair towel is not meant for super long hair or hair that holds onto a lot of water (like mine). If you have storter or thinner hair it will work just fine.

  39. Consider the chopper something to simplify soup prep =)

  40. Lolol well it is wool so probably more accurate to say they smell like wet sheep! 🤣

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