1. Mega man’s 1-6 CIB. I have them all lose. Would look cool as hell to have everything complete but not worth the price

  2. Earthbound. I’ve started building a strong SNES collection and obviously it’s one of the “big ones”. I appreciate the quirkiness of the game but I am not an RPG guy

  3. For pure “quality of game for a cheap price”- nothing beats Game Boy. Outside of the Pokémon games- a lot of the really good games aren’t more than $15 to $20 and there are lots of gems and fun stuff that you can find for $10 or less

  4. Yeah well I got even more than that for 3 skittles and a quarter lol jk

  5. Don’t- it’s too expensive. A lot of the really good stuff has been re-released elsewhere for cheaper.

  6. It’s up there. Shredders revenge might have it bested but it depends on how it holds up

  7. 684?! OP please, this game is AMAZING, how could you wait so long to get it?!

  8. Chase the Chuck wagon on 2600. As I posted separately in this group a few hours ago :)

  9. GAMEYE is great and super convenient. Any game with a bar code you can just scan it in and it’ll recognize

  10. Found Dusty Diamond Softball on NES in a $5 sports game bin. Reseller didn’t know what he had ha

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