1. I find young probably most but as well Canvill and others are very good looking. It’s definitely mostly subjective

  2. I see what you mean but I think give her a little makeup and she's gorgeous. I subjectively don't see the hype with Monica but that's just my subjective opinion

  3. I think she’s very gorgeous and natural looking. I find her very feminine and with soft features . She’s like this kind of beauty which I appreciate but I find facial features from very part of world gorgeous

  4. I disagree. It may seem like that at first because they both have a “strong” look.

  5. Angie does have strong bone structure. Her cheekbones and chin are more prominent than Sara’s.

  6. She looks young, I was thinking that she’s like 15 in this photo. I know she’s 21 now lol

  7. Yeah she’s a couple years younger here, just searched the image onto Google and she was between 17-18.

  8. The gif is the best I've ever seen her look when she smiles, the majority of the pics I've seen of her smiling just don't do her resting face justice. I strongly disagree that she's the only female celebrity who deserves a rating that high and certain angles make her face look oddly shaped and wide. As I said, she's beautiful. She's an icon and has a gorgeous accent and carries herself with elegance, but if I saw her in a picture now without knowing who she was I'd think she was gorgeous but just not a 9+

  9. I think her face is very small, she has really soft facial features in comparison to most high rated women and looks really good in photos but sometimes doesn’t do her justice. I think in motion she looks like painting

  10. That is definitely one thing that stands out about her, she has noticeable features, but, as you said, they're soft and feminine and not at all harsh like many of the exceptionally beautiful women's features can be, that's a very unusual quality.

  11. Exactly, soft features look best in motion overall. Lots of classic Hollywood beauties like Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Tierney and Grace Kelly look better in motion

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