1. This is such a good look for you! And you’re really a hat person! It gives you the little extra Sherlock. Dark Academia seems to be a very good aesthetic for you. I agree with the one traveler comment!

  2. I wear to much denim too, haha! You have a great collection of shoes! The flower doc martens give me spring vibes!

  3. I love your use of color, it’s both so refreshing and harmonious. Your look has a playful and artistic vibe that I think you may study art?

  4. You look amazing, I like how you played with different textures and patterns. Your accessorizing is on point!

  5. I love the color story here! The scarf was a very good idea, it connects everything together and gives more visual interest.

  6. Maybe look for a large bag that has some breaks in the design. Zigzag patchwork pattern? Or just horizontal stripes?

  7. I agree! I was always typed as autumn or soft autumn because my features look warm and muted. But I look so much more alive in bright colors. The reaction of your skin is the most important and will give you the best benefits!

  8. Yes, I think so! My first impression was that it’s a great color for you. You have enough contrast and brightness to pull it off.

  9. Although it’s a bright color I feel it has still a softness that makes it work. Especially for light spring

  10. Love your color palette. I realized that I use light yellow as a neutral. And from the Zyla perspective it should work because it’s the lightest color of my hair.

  11. Thats a really good point! Silhouette and colors season could definitely make this whole chart irrelevant

  12. Agreed without any good shapes, but I think it'd still be better than a full head to toe single color. I could see a pastel and a deep version of a color giving enough contrast in theory, especially with good patterns

  13. Thanks! 💚 To me, that's the big distinction between personality and persona. For persona, I might dress to invite a certain character, with styling, colors, etc; people who know me or are familiar with the character may get what I'm going for, but it may not be very obvious. But for personality, it's more heart-on-your-sleeve, more upfront and obvious; a specific item or look that gives the viewer an immediate insight into some aspect of who I am.

  14. Oh yes, that’s so true. I feel shirts with your favorite characters or interests are very ruby LD.

  15. It means that right now I’m acceptable and feminine but if I have a big hair day I become the Burj Khalifa

  16. Sorry sweaty, you have to round up. So you’re actually 5‘6“ and vertical dominant.

  17. I love the dress! I really enjoy seeing your process and how you get to the end result. 💚

  18. Wow, this is fantastic. I love how you show how such subtle changes can completely change the way an outfit FEELS even if it doesn’t change the look very much. You’ve done a great job of showing your intuitive process!

  19. Yes, we always just the the final outfit. But sometimes we need some trial and error to find the best look. It’s perfect because it’s soft and warm and not too classy!

  20. Especially at the lighter end of the spectrum I have a hard time deciding if a blue is warm or cool!

  21. I generally find it very difficult to see it in blue, green and pink tones. I always have to compare the colors with a spring palette.

  22. You have a physical palette that you bring with you shopping? Was it very expensive?

  23. No, I always use an online palette. I bought physical ones (they weren’t expensive) but I don’t like the colors? I have them somewhere here in this sub.

  24. Thank you! 💚 Hmm, yes, you may be right! The thing is, I love the look of things like that (delicate lace, cottage core, sweet and dainty things; for awhile my Pinterest was full of them) but they never end up looking or feeling right on me. I'm surprised what a difference even a little bit of edginess can make!

  25. thank you!! the print of the last dress on the first slide has little sheep on it, so fun

  26. That bag is adorable. Love the milk maid vibes.

  27. Or I think I’ll just post another lace outfit specifically for the challenge we’ll see.

  28. Beautiful outfit that fits perfectly the surroundings! Very dreamy and fairytale like.

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