1. The budget was high, but the result can't be any better. Fight Club is a true masterpiece.

  2. I think it's one of Fincher's weakest and I'm a big fan. Underneath all the fancy photography there's no story there. It's an empty vessel.

  3. This guy things fight club was just about fights and beating people up, didn't realize that the underlying themes of changes in gender roles in society, self actualization, anti-consumerism, and self-fulfillment were all themes.

  4. Hate doing comparisons but since city officials try making Toronto a bootleg NYC, why not get a 24/7 TPS post-station in Dundas Square like they have in Times Square?

  5. I think it has something to do with the fact that cops don't want to do their jobs. They're a complete embarrassment to this city.

  6. Yeah and when he left the show didn't miss a beat. Calm down

  7. Men are desperate. It's extremely understandable why. Most men in this society have been abandoned and betrayed. The only thing they have left is their individual ability to make it somewhere financially.

  8. Your desperation isn't society's responsibility.

  9. Yeah it's definitely the media and not your narrow minded self

  10. The only way to do that is by turning off CEC, but doing so would also keep your TV and ATV from turning each other on too.

  11. Ok thanks that's kind of what I figured but was hoping for a workaround.

  12. So when you use the remote that came with your television, your Apple TV still powers on?

  13. Yes, that's what's happening. I'm trying to see if there's a way to change that without changing the fact that the tv turns on when I turn on the ATV

  14. One of the officers said "there is nothing to report after curfew anyways ". i am guessing she was a reporter and this was during the BLM protests somewhere. Cop was ok with her grabbing her stuff and leaving because it was after the curfew but she wanted to be just a bit smarter after they gave her a break. Nothing petty about it. If a cop gives you a break from a ticket/infraction or breaking a curfew when you are in the wrong just walk/drive away.

  15. This is easily the dumbest of all takes.

  16. It has nothing to do with the pandemic. That's a tired excuse. People in this city don't give a shit about the other people in this city and are willing to kill them to beat a light. That's all there is to it.

  17. This happens all the time. For some reason people get offended when you try to let them know where you are.

  18. That's right! The job they do is so bad that only taking away their funding will improve it!

  19. This is the definition of ironic.

  20. This is absolutely not the definition of ironic.

  21. You would be SHOCKED how many people can’t change their own strings. Major guitar chain employee here, and I can’t tell you how often people ask for string changes. I wish I were allowed to do it myself and make even just $5 on each one cause it’s like every day at least one person needs their strings changed. If they ask I just tell them to buy two cheap sets and go home and watch a YouTube video. They may mess the first time up but once they’ve got it they’ve got it.

  22. What's a mistake people usually make with the first set?

  23. Some places I believe you have a lot of police supporters. But in nyc there is virtually none, all the thin blue line flags you see on cars are just there to earn brownie points with cops if you’re pulled over

  24. The sad thing is that so many cities are imitating them

  25. Look up travel bidets. Their little bottles with a little spray attachment. Not as good as your home one but makes all the difference when out and about or traveling. I keep one in my laptop bag.

  26. if the home was is a 9/10 what's the travel one?

  27. Most cops aren't telepathic like you. A person can go from compliant to full on assault in a blink of an eye.

  28. How do you block that following video box?? Do you have to do it each page?

  29. There is no way to know on a case by case basis.

  30. The problem is the police continually acting in a manner that makes the public not trust them.

  31. Yeah, I understand the presumption of “innocent until proven guilty” but a charge in itself, an investigation by the SIU and a suspension from normal duty shouldn’t be paying the same salary it does for normal duties. I understand they have families to feed but it has to be more inline with reality, a 30-40% reduction or so.

  32. Cops don't have the same consideration for people whose rights they violate and who they assault and force to lose work days and often jobs for getting locked up and having to go to court. Why should police get any consideration in this regard?

  33. Cops don't have the same consideration for people whose rights they violate and who they assault and force to lose work days and often jobs for getting locked up and having to go to court. Why should police get any consideration in this regard?

  34. Even if it’s free they still average like 80 views

  35. It's sad to think there are even 80 people without something better to do.

  36. In response to #2, if you want to scroll faster, pause and use the trackpad to slide…

  37. Yes! My group devours the lettuce and we ask for refills like 4 times a visit. 😭 Sorry Mr. Waiter.

  38. Do they dry the lettuce? A few places I've been to haven't invested in a salad spinner it seems

  39. The single most important tip that you will ever get - WORK ON YOUR EARS.

  40. How do the benefits of this exercise actually help playing?

  41. Not sure how to address it - having good ears is a foundation of EVERYTHING in music. From being able to very quickly absorb new musical idea to being able to perform live - hearing what exactly is happening around you so you can react to it.

  42. Toronto is not on any stage ...again 100+ cities in front of us....what I said is there are 100+ cites that would make Toronto look like nothing ....but a blimp ...again ur delusional. Less than 3mil ppl live in Toronto for god's sake...wake up ur delusional.

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