made this trans beacon flag in my hardcore world today :3 hope u like it !

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  • By - adq7

Fuck no he's not okay!!

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  1. That’s what we put in ours. Weed. And weed rolling accessories.

  2. Like using a rain barrel? With gravity pressure? Not sure. That would be spectacular tho!

  3. I have a rain barrel and have been wanting to do something like this. My barrel is only 2-3 feet above my plants though. I think I would need a pump and electricity. Solar powered pump would be nice, so I wouldn't have to run an extension cord. Not sure if that's a thing.

  4. No need for solar. You can manually pump the tank up with a hand pump.

  5. I'm curious, how did you kill the wither so many times? Did you get em stuck under the bedrock portal in the end?

  6. My Home Depot doesn't have any plecos. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Lol, I've been shot on the coast with nothing on me and my hands up. Some ass wipes just like to KOS.

  8. This boat would’ve benefited from having one of those t-shirt launchers filled with life vests. Glad they had so many vests though!

  9. Did you just invent a life saving device, or is that already a thing?

  10. We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

  11. For the experience of the heat, more than the experience of being in Houston. Hahaha

  12. It is not so much the heat in Houston. It is the humidity and heat combined. You can almost chew on it.

  13. Something I learned in county jail, is to take one foot out of your pants leg. That way if you have to run it is unobstructed.

  14. WTF is this moose knuckle talk? My first thought was camel toe.

  15. Homedude was like, "I'm fucking tonight. Wanna make it a twosome?"

  16. I wouldn’t fuck her, I was just hoping her dress would catch on fire. Karma

  17. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

  18. Jesus that title… she looks happy and I think she looks pretty! Let people be happy

  19. OP's account is 1 day old. First order of business is to shit on Chelsea. Shitting on people for things they can't control, is fucked.

  20. That's what some guy did to my brother & then a few months later the same guy reverses out of a drive way onto a main road but for my brothers quick reflexes nearly wiped him out again.

  21. Had a relative die because a woman decided to do a u-turn out of nowhere on a curve on a rural highway.

  22. It’s an extreme shot across the bow if intentional

  23. There were two major aspects to this project, fabric and pattern.

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