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  1. I wonder if it's a childish hehe or an Evil villain hehe👀

  2. it's from the ''worlds'' Video

  3. This is something next level great job OP

  4. Im pretty shure he says Chamber not Jinx at least thats what the subtitles say (in the video you linked).

  5. yup with subtitles on it says Chamber

  6. I like the Mel wearing the Solaris armor theory, I mean if it malfunctions the big ass rocket will look like trash

  7. I am more excited to see Viktor vs Jayce, and my money is on the Glorious evolution

  8. How many times did Vision help the old lady

  9. Um, is this about the future trouble jinx is going to face, or is this a weird ship post, the usual use of this template and the characters in this meme is confusing me 👀

  10. um, about that, there are also people who ship jinx and Silco and in a super bad way so you may want to think again

  11. Viktor and Jayce are like brothers, best friends, and science buddies.

  12. Would you say he’s… Smaller than the Diagram?

  13. I expected him to be at least 100 cm

  14. I know their heights are tweaked in some scenes but there's no way Vi and Jinx are that short, or at least Caitlyn is not that tall, especially when you compare her scenes with Jayce (even when she IS wearing heels) and then look at most of Vi and Caitlyn's scenes in Zaun (especially the hug at the bridge)

  15. Vi is also 170 to 172 cm but jinx is 160 cm😅

  16. She liked Jayce before the time skip (when carrying the box with stuff)

  17. I think it's a more of big brother and little sister moment

  18. She has slept with more girls than Vi 👀

  19. 1 karma point = 1 USD [ no fees ]

  20. To be fair you have been on Reddit for 8 years I haven't even passed 6 months

  21. Ah yes, the second most upvoted post on

  22. Who's the girl in this picture

  23. Jayce:- I think they are a type of mini poros

  24. Cait's head on Marcus's body is slightly cursed ngl

  25. i always thought powder’s name was in reference to snow. like “fresh powder on the ground”. idk maybe im the only one

  26. Well, there are a bunch of theories about her name, from her hair being powder blue when she was young, about explosives related to the name powder, and just being a weird name

  27. Who do you ship Caitlyn with

  28. "Jinx? Stands for Jinx! Durr."

  29. I’m not even sure anime has a distinct art style. Paprika and sword art onlines art direction could not be more different

  30. bro, it's been 2 months where the duck where you🤨

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