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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. I was the kid that got up early. As an adult I realized as a kid I was getting up at 5-6. In my defense, Flint the Time Detective and Megaman was on during those times. I would never go wake my parents, but I must have been waking them up going down our stairs. They were creaky even though I tried to ninja my way down them silently.

  2. Many lawsuits were filed but dismissed on procedural grounds, not evidentiary.

  3. Many were dismissed for lack of standing. It was a catch 22, you couldn't sue for losing any election due to potential ballot tampering or unconstitutional state law changes because the counts weren't in completely. Then after a winner was declared and votes certified you couldn't sue because it was too late.

  4. Way too many acting real brave behind a monitor. Its all fun and games until the goose is hissing at you.

  5. But do you think people who never have to work a day in their lives have good lives? I would probably play video games and drink myself to death if I knew from birth I would never have to try at literally anything ever.

  6. Correct me if im wrong. I think there might be something plugging with his ear that makes him speak loudly cause he thinks that its his normal voice while to his friends, its not.

  7. I second getting his hearing checked, my father can't whisper. However, my father spent his teens to adult hood grinding welds in bottle sections of milk tanks. Its loud and back then hearing protection really wasn't prevalent or encouraged.

  8. Reddit is full of renters who think being a landlord is just collecting cash and rolling around on on your bed.

  9. I don't disagree, there are plenty of crappy landlord's out there.

  10. I don't want to sound grim, but for me it was Sandy Hook that was the nail in the coffin that this country don't give a damn. If the death of literally the most vulnerable people in our society isn't enough to get people's act together, nothing is.


  12. So the officer drove his vehicle on top of her and then decided to leave the SUV on top of her? Wait.. it’s Florida, makes perfect sense.

  13. While driving a vehicle on her was bad to begin with, removing it may make things worse. Unless her life is in immediate danger leave it, trying to drive it off her could have cause even more damage. Sounds like lifting it off her was the better option.

  14. Dude, don’t listen to me, I’m from Florida as well.

  15. In fairness to FL, had other states had such open criminal records and information, other states would be just as silly.

  16. The ducks are still a thing?? How tf. After what happened in Branson those death traps should be done away with.

  17. I had to look up the Branson thing, tragic certainly, but I've heard no problems up here with the Dells with them. Not to just pass the blame, but I think it was just horrible decision making to not watch the weather or not heed the Thunderstorm warning.

  18. Is it a small victory that this person now has "two dudes kissing," in their search history now? Had to pull the pic from somewhere.

  19. Its all fun and games until someone with asthma has to take an ambulance ride for their safety. Its also all fun and games until you try to roll coal on a group of bicyclists and instead

  20. In title? Sure, he owns it. However, just look at the state of the party and how each candidate has to sell themselves to get elected. Nearly everyone of them has to brand themselves as a Trump Republican and candidates that have his backing have significantly higher chances.

  21. Woman on the left might be getting a bit on the side. The genetics are a bit sus on those children. I understand recessive genes, but come on.

  22. Hold on now, if history has taught us anything, the gates will be pulled aside to grant us access to a nice peaceful tour.

  23. I'm not tuned into all aspects of politics, but are these to Senators actually Pro-Abortion rights, as in an actual track record of supporting it legislatively, or is it just a farce to pull votes?

  24. You have a very low threshold for what is toxic. I'm guessing your use the term a lot.

  25. Tell that to Steve Bartman. You underestimate how cruel fans can be over a caught ball.

  26. Everybody raise your hands if you had perfect parents.

  27. This is where the passive aggressive games begin. I too worked at DQ, but my coworker did this thing for drive through. What she would do is start her drive though spiel, "Thank you for stopping at DQ......" have a pause and wait for them to say something, then hit them with the "...what can we make for you?" Essentially, making it look like an accident on interrupting them. Never got a complaint because everyone always chopped it up to a delay or something. There was plenty that had very long pauses.

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