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  1. “OMG why aren’t there more cops?! ACAB!” What a tool.

  2. Thanks for this post. Sys admin now trying to make the jump to sales engineering I just don't know where to start. I really should just be applying to everything and seeing what sticks.

  3. yeah the bush is a different world than most could imagine.

  4. amazing that they were just talking about the c ring and urias hit it.

  5. Looks fun, wanted to go, but plane tickets are so expensive now. Maybe next time they're in tampa🤞

  6. Allegiant flies from Rockford and I think appleton direct to Clearwater (basically st pete). But it's allegiant.

  7. That Trump has taken hold of Utah and we’re entering a pretty dark period of politics. It’s hard to be anything but pessimistic when the man literally tweets “democracy is not the objective” and wins by a comfortable margin.

  8. but but but it's a ConStiTuTioNaL RePubLiC!!!

  9. looks like lee takes it. Onto the general.

  10. I disagree. They are actually in it to win in this race for the first time in decades. McMullin has a decent chance of beating Lee which would not be the case with a Dem in the race.

  11. Would be nice if it was McMullen vs edwards 😀

  12. I love Dicks, Phish loves Dicks, we all love Dicks!

  13. Part of thier purchase agreement with unilever. They get to say pretty much whatever they want.

  14. I drive pass this weekly. It’s fucked.

  15. wife has been to 3 or 4, never stays the whole time and was always a ticket tree situation in vegas the few years people got vegas tix for trade bait. She won't go to anymore (don't blame her).

  16. This team is good, I'm tired of all the negativity

  17. Well a lot of them are stuck in a house that won’t sell. I’m sure quite a few are waiting to see how low the prices will dip. With rates rising all the time there are also a lot of people whose budgets are shrinking daily.

  18. Highly recommend. You won't regret it unless you hate talking to people

  19. Is this working with amzn specifically or the role in general at any company?

  20. hey another question, did quantum install a ONT device in your house or did they just plug and sfp line into a modem looking thing that you then plug your router into using ethernet?

  21. ont device that hooks up to a modem with cat 6 cable.

  22. Is that modem something you have or something quantum provided?

  23. Quantum provided. Just get the service brother.

  24. If I had to bet, it’s because everything is getting more expensive and materials are becoming scarce.

  25. tangential i work for a company that sells 90% of our product to o and g. We can't get all our products and some of the highly specialized ones we are getting are shit so they need to remake them. Our lines have shut down/slowed down and we laid a few people off. We have orders out as far as we can see but not enough parts that are good enough to make them.

  26. And now the secretary of state is a RINO who will be ostracized by the WyoGop. It's depressing how this plays out.

  27. Agree, whatever happened to CAMPING ? No phone, no nothing, get ate by a BEAR or 2.

  28. like people are not bringing this on backpacking trips. Also a lot of people like having an emergency way to contact people. People are not comfortable going off grid for days at a time in case of an emergency. Yes we did it ALL the time back in the day but people/society have changed.

  29. Did you call them and get it spur of the moment or had you been put on a waiting list?

  30. As someone else said, Abercrombie is a near must.

  31. The dump and Abercrombie are not that far from each other. The dump has a ton of eagles in the winter and great views of the white sands area but not really a destination.

  32. His production has dropped off a cliff the past couple years. It was the right move.

  33. Who is on the hook for the pension? MLB (via all teams paying in) or the individual clubs?

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