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  1. Bruh that's wild cause rn I'm a tourist in Asheville 💀

  2. The only thing I want is tourists check out the areas around AVL too. There's lots of awesome small towns that are cool as well.

  3. I’ve gone to Asheville area four or five times in the past few years - we have taken to staying in Black Mountain the last two times. I love that place.

  4. My main interests would be tied to the government(s) being aware of creatures of the Upside Down and of powerful beings like Eleven (and the entities training/controlling them). I don’t know if that means I’m looking for an X Files type show set in this world, but that sounds like something I’d watch.

  5. Each week you bid on players to be added to your roster. Instead of submitting free agents moves their a silent bidding. (Faab)

  6. So the last minions film was awful and illumination don't have the best track record. So you're saying this minions film is actually not half bad?

  7. Ok, whats going on with this thread? Why does every post sounds like a troll. Is the movie good or not?

  8. I was sitting at dinner with a group of buddies, we all have kids under 6.

  9. I’m 40, contemplating surgery on a shoulder injury I can 100% link to an injury when I was 17.

  10. This is the exact type of scenario I love (especially with auction draft) and I try to target both guys. In the early weeks you can start both while things settle into place and if either goes down your looking great. You also can run them both during bye weeks.

  11. I have a call scheduled Friday with one of their analysts looking for TC22 feedback. I’ll try to remember to ask this

  12. The comb jelly is an animal known as ctenophore, which you can pronounce as “ten oh four”

  13. For some reason I just spent a huge portion of Pirates! buying low and selling high on sugar in the Carribean.

  14. I've lived in both CA and FL. I'd live in CA, hands down. Florida is just....the worst.

  15. It doesn’t have a lot going for it in terms of geography, but cost of living hard to ignore

  16. Amazingly not. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a billboard for them. The soccer teams seem to have a bigger following.

  17. It's both. Grandy Hendrix mixes the two genres brilliantly. My Best Friend's Exorcism is probably his best work.

  18. I liked the concept of Final Girl Support Group but it didn’t stick the landing.

  19. The best example of this is when he yelled “90 YARD TOUCHDOWN” in that guys ear who complained to the ref about it.

  20. The Bengals passing offense as a whole was insanely efficient on a per attempt/target basis. Burrow was the top qualifying QB in yards per attempt and Chase, Higgins, and Boyd were 2nd, 9th, and 31st among qualifying WRs in yards per target.

  21. Pour one out for anyone with the Higgins vs Chase matchup in the championship game.

  22. I just got back from Gatlinburg Tennessee and they LOVE their black bears there. Everything is black bear themed. The road signs, tourist traps, cabins you name it. I have never seen a town so infatuated by a local animal. I could see it a custom to leave a beer out for a black bear while you are grilling

  23. That’s hilarious, I came to say the same thing. Just got back yesterday after visiting for the first time. I think the town economy subsists entirely off of pancake houses and wooden bear figurines.

  24. I can't be the only one in this thread who said OoT because if that were true it would mean I'm getting........ OLD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Lmao and I’m just thinking all of you kids are too young to realize that A Link to the Past is clearly the best in the series.

  26. I played ALttP growing up as well. I actually played it first. Fantastic game, but doesn't quite have what OoT has. The story of ALttP wasn't as impactful nor did literally teach me life lessons like OoT did. OoT had more detail also. Like ALttP is a sweet game but OoT is so much more than a game. It really set the bar for what the medium can do in terms of artistry imo.

  27. I don’t know what it is. I’ve replayed ALttP dozens of times, but OoT only twice. I think I just love the sprite design of the SNES.

  28. If/when Disney does a series set after the Sequel Trilogy, it should focus on Finn. I love Rey but Finn is by far the most underutilized character in the trilogy, if not the entire Skywalker Saga. I would love to watch a show based on him becoming a Jedi.

  29. Honestly, I thought they stretched out a one-purpose character unnecessarily into appearing across the three movies. What was he supposed to bring to the table beyond inside info on how to destroy the Starkiller base?

  30. If this is addition to hit 16, I'm totally against it. If we get to kick out Rutgers and another team, I'm all for it.

  31. Hey man; we played in a bowl game and tournament game, and we won conference championships in other sports.

  32. Been there done that. Asked for a raise as I was top performer on a team but lowest paid. Told can't do it. I told them I'll be looking for another job. Found one a month later. Shocked Pikachu Face They offered the raise and a lateral promotion (haha) seven days before I left and gave me the weekend to think it. Over told them basically that told you what I was worth, told you I would be looking, and only now last minute can you offer something. Next time try negotiating in good faith. Peace.

  33. It’s truly amazing. I asked for a raise due to having picked up the workload of two departed employees who I knew where making $115k to my $80k. Somehow 2/3 of my job function became their old work. I asked for a discussion for raise/promotion based on having transitioned this into my responsibilities with no drop in quality. They said they’d talk to HR and the CFO. I waited two weeks, and asked for an update. “Conversation still pending.”

  34. Anyone else read this and think, “Two coworkers died?!? I’d leave there too!”

  35. If you haven’t shown them a Nickelodeon broadcast of the game yet, you are missing out on some great reactions.

  36. Seriously, its very easy to be chill when there is literally nothing of consequence involved.

  37. My wife gets SO MAD that I call people in our (8+ years) friend group “the tall chick” or “what’s her face with the calf tattoo”. I don’t know what it is, I just don’t activate knowledge about these guys until I’m in a conversation with them.

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